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See is visually stunning, thematically interesting and has a setting you need to see to believe. On the other side, if you need an ultra-real story then you See is not for you.

WARNING! This review contains spoilers.

Unplug from reality

The opening five minutes of the episode, titled “Godflame,” are its weakest. A singing midwife makes this strange setting harder to adjust to. It’s downright distracting.

Worst still, Bing Bang Dosh or whatever Jason Momoa’s character’s called starts a New Zealand-style rugby haka; everyone joins in. The question I’m left with was, “Who is this for?”

It can’t be to intimidate the opponent. No one can see!

Take these two moments out, and the rest of the episode is a strange but intriguing fantasy.

Trying hard to make you believe

Alright, alright. I get it. No one can see. It goes over the top in repeating this. And they didn’t have to because they do a darn good job showing us with the way people move and dress.

You can really see the effort the show’s creators have gone to. From ornate clothing that jingles and jangles to the use of Braille-like string, it’s far from perfect. Much doesn’t add up, but they get an A for effort.

First rule of Fight Club is no looking

The battle within the episode is good but unrealistic. It was at this point I wondered why I never questioned Netflix’s Daredevil like this. After all, he was blind and kicked *ss.

The answer is obvious. See is a world I don’t know that’s trying to be believable. Daredevil is a superhero in a time and place I understand.

Once I stopped asking questions about things being realistic and just took in the fantasy, the episode became engrossing. It was enjoyable, and most importantly, it left me wanting to watch episode two.

It’s more than Momoa on a mountain

The best aspect of the pilot episode was the way it built from humble beginnings of a small tribe on a mountain, with no remnants of the old human world. Through the episode, it expanded to a scale that was fantastic and grand.

The show also had some interesting characters. The Witch Finders had a menacing look and brutality. Plus, the mad Queen, ruling a kingdom amidst failing old human technology, was far better than the trailer portrayed.

See verdict: Binge

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  • Streaming on Apple TV+
  • Created by Steven Knight
  • Starring Jason Momoa, Sylvia Hoeks, Alfre Woodard

The fact this mad Queen masturbates to pray shows how different this fantasy might get. It’s definitely a show I’m going to stick with. I just need to keep that reality comparison in check.

Remember, if you plan on watching See, unplug your reality first. Nothing makes sense. For a new fantasy show, that’s actually the best compliment we can give it!