Here Are Our Initial Thoughts On The Night Agent
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If you are wondering how The Night Agent did on Netflix, we’ll tell you everything we know about the show and give our personal review. It was the number-one watched show on Netflix when released and it even goes down as one of the biggest series premieres in Netflix’s history. It brought everything you would want to see in a spy thriller tv series. 

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The Night Agent was first a book before it came to a show on Netflix. It was written by Matthew Quirk and was released in 2019. The show was created by Shawn Ryan, who took the book’s concept with the approval of Matthew and turned it into a ten-episode series.

What is The Night Agent about?

Review Of The Night Agent: Here Are Our Initial Thoughts
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The Night Agent is about a low-level FBI agent, Peter, working in the White House’s basement. He is manning a phone that never rings and finds himself doing paperwork. One night the phone rings, which leads him to believe there is a mole working right alongside the President of the United States. 

Rose, an innocent bystander, gets caught up in the mix when she goes to live with her Aunt and Uncle, who say they run businesses, but are actually spies working for the President. They send Rose to call the secret number, and Peter is the one to pick up. Throughout the season, you see them team up together to solve the mole mystery in the Oval Office. 

Gabriel Basso plays the lead, Peter Sutherland, (you might recognize him from the movie Super 8) and Luciane Buchanan from Sweet Tooth plays Rose.

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The Night Agent Reviews

When the show was first released, I watched it in one weekend. When I first started the series, I could tell it was going to be filled with suspense. The very first five minutes were filled with intrigue, so I was at the edge of my seat from the beginning. The show carried on well throughout each episode and it never felt rushed in terms of the plot. I loved the chemistry between the two main characters, Peter and Rose. However, the series stayed away from typical romance themes and it never strays too far from the premise.

Reviewers have stated that it is better than The Terminal List even though it has blended elements of the same thing. It gives you that mystery suspense and combines with the drama of politics, but it’s not overcomplicated. The in-depth discussions and demonstrations of politics was one of my favorite parts about the show. I was able to understand what was happening without having to go online and look up what was being talked about. 

The show became the third most-watched show of all time on Netflix and it hit top ten in 93 counties in the first week it was released. The Night Agent will return for a second season, which is exciting to hear as a fan. This article from Tudum, a companion site to Netflix, quotes Shawn Ryan, the creator, for saying he is excited to get cracking on Season 2. It will be completely different, with more adventures and a new location.

If you haven’t watched The Night Agent, you should definitely give it a try to enjoy the thrills and suspense, or even to keep up with what’s popular. With the promise of another season, you can enjoy the show and rest assured that your questions will be answered soon enough with season 2. From our stand point, this is absolutely worth a binge and that comes from personal experience.