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EPISODE 10: Today on the show TC and SNIPdaily’s Senior Streaming Analyst Duane provides his torturous review of the new Netflix series called The Letter For The King. He’s not kind to this series and picks it out as Hollywood stupidity and predictability at its worst.

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Reese Witherspoon has a new limited series on Hulu and it’s called Little Fires Everywhere. Our review of the first three episodes is that the show isn’t as bad as The Letter For The King, yet other than that? It’s a very acquired taste.

The guys preview the docu-series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness with our review planned for Tuesday’s show. Plus, they pick out the best movies coming to Netflix in April, including The Matrix, Django Unchained, and Lethal Weapon.

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Finally, the guys start a new feature called The Greatest Of All-Time. Duane picks out Good Will Hunting which is available on Hulu this month. TC just watched it for the first time recently and gives it the thumbs up. Duane? He thinks it’s a Top 10 movie of all-time. That’s a bold statement!

Today in BINGE KILL CHILL the guys pick out the best acting exports from Boston. Pitting Matt Damon’s Movies vs Ben Affleck’s Movies vs Uma Thurman’s Movies against each other. Who would you pick?

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