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If you’re in isolation and binging on shows alone, why not make it more social with Netflix Party? Find out how to use it and what to watch below.

All you need is Google Chrome, a computer, the Chrome extension and access to a Netflix account. Plus it’s a free service with millions of downloads already.

This could be the perfect solution for anyone missing group binging. What it does is sync the video playback across all party members and creates a private chat channel for those watching. It’s almost the perfect streaming solution to coronavirus isolation.

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How to use Netflix Party?

Follow these steps to get Netflix Party working on a desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Open up Google Chrome. If you haven’t got Google Chrome, download it.
  2. Once Google Chrome is open, go to the Netflix Party Chrome Extension.
  3. On the extension page, click ‘Add to Chrome’ to install it.
  4. When installed, go to and log in.
  5. Inside Netflix, find something you want to watch and start streaming.
  6. In Chrome, next to the URL address bar you’ll see an ‘NP’ icon.
  7. Click ‘NP’ and then from the dropdown click ‘Start Party’.
  8. You’ll be given a URL that you need to share with the people you want to watch Netflix with.

Here’s the catch, everyone who joins the party must have the Netflix Party extension. To join a Netflix Party:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Netflix in Google Chrome.
  2. Then click on the URL that you’ve been shared.
  3. Press the ‘NP’ icon to join the Netflix Party.

Unfortunately, these steps do not work on mobile and tablet devices even with Google Chrome.

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We recommend connecting your computer to a TV for better viewing. Once that’s done use Netflix Party to sync video only. Instead of the chat channel, use your mobile device and make a separate video or voice chat with those in your Netflix Party. It’s far more social.

Credit: Netflix Party

What to stream with Netflix Party

Not all movies and shows are worth watching in a Netflix Party. You want big scares or laughs only. Avoid anything with depth because you’ll end up missing what you’re watching as everyone is constantly asking questions or explaining what someone has missed.

These are our recommendations:

I Am Not Okay With This

In our opinion, this is one of Netflix’s best new shows. If you don’t mind teen-drama in a Stephen King Carrie storyline, then this is perfect to binge on with friends.

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Don’t F*** With Cats

If you and your friends are looking for a social media murder docu-series then Don’t F*** With Cats is unmissable. One condition, if anyone in the party has seen it already, kick them out. You don’t want them teasing what happens next.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

For big laugh out loud moments, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is the #1 choice. It’s the funniest movie on this list, with a mix of horror archetypes and comedy it’s the perfect thing to stream during these stressful times.


If your party is itching for something virus-inspired then Outbreak is the less terrifying option. Plus it gives you the opportunity to dazzle with some general knowledge, the monkey in Outbreak is Marcel from Friends.

Child’s Play

If you want some jump scares there’s nothing more appropriate than 1988s Child’s Play. See which of your friends is scared of a doll and then uncontrollably laugh at them in chat. It’s the perfect social movie if over 18.

Olympus Has Fallen

If you need action then Olympus Has Fallen is dumb, loud, and fun. Plus, it’s got some great sequences you and friends can rip apart because of their ridiculousness.


If you want to watch Seann William Scott get punched in the face then Goon is perfect. No doubt you and your Netflix Party friends will laugh and get amped up due to the fights in the movie, just remember you’re meant to be in isolation. So no going out.