Credit: Netflix

Netflix has rolled out a new feature in which they showcase their most popular movies and series as top 10 lists directly in the app. To find this new feature, just open Netflix and swipe down to see a top 10 like this:

Netflix Top 10 Lists
Credit: Netflix

These lists are available for series, movies, and overall Netflix content. Expect Stranger Things 4 to dominate when it finally premieres.

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Will these top 10’s be too influential?

A Netflix top 10 will influence what we watch. Whether it’s FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or simple curiosity, if something is popular, we’ll give it a chance unless it is absolutely outside our wheelhouse.

The big thing about popularity lists is that it will draw attention, leaving other movies and shows stuck in the shadows. It seems like an unimportant consideration with the amount of content Netflix produces, but popularity often masks quality and lessens a consumers willingness to search.

Effectively, why search when the “best” is what’s most popular? This is the mentality in much of modern-day life.

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Netflix can pivot, adapt and specialize lists

A list makes it convenient for someone to find something, but Netflix needs to be vigilant. It is through variety and diversity of content that Netflix has become the premier streaming platform. Popularity lists don’t fit the mentality of inclusivity. If popularity lists draw consumer eyeballs to specific content with the broadest appeal (most viewers), how can Netflix share that attention?

The obvious and easy fix is to add the same top 10’s for every genre. This way, niche categories get the same limelight. The focus might start on the overall Netflix top 10 list, but whatever genre a consumer wants to watch has its own FOMO and popularity. This way no content will end up in the shadows — unless it sucks.

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