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British tabloids The Sun and Mirror have reported that plans are underway for a 12-part Season 11 of Friends. There is no evidence, only a report speculating that the series could be worth up to $1 billion.

Everyone should take the report with a pinch of salt, because British tabloids are often 90 percent nonsense. With the remaining 10 percent, there’s often a mix of truth and that gunk you find blocking drains.

The irony is that, despite being speculative, an 11th season of Friends isn’t far-fetched and is almost definitely being discussed behind the scenes.

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Why it will happen

It’s a catch-22 with Friends. There is no proof beyond a tabloid source (AKA the invisible person), yet everyone knows with certainty, if made, tens of millions will watch the first episode. Outside of major intellectual properties like Star Wars, little else has the same widespread appeal.

Credit: NBC

The show’s popularity is undeniable. The last episode of Friends was watched by 52 million people at a time of scheduled TV. Plus, it was one of the most-watched shows on Netflix (back when they had it). It was and still is a big deal.

It would be an instant win, from product placement, through endorsements, to massive HBO Max subscriber numbers. It’s because of all these facts we can logically and confidently presume people with the power and money to make a Friends Season 11 happen are discussing it and pushing for it. It is ridiculous to think they’re not.

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What it might be?

The tabloid rumor is that Friends Season 11 will be Generation Z, with the kids of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey (if he had kids) coming together. For this Friends fan, that could be a big risk. Selling a new cast of characters isn’t easy. It just wouldn’t be right having two minutes of Ross and Rachel, followed by 20 minutes of Emma Green and Co.

Regardless, as fans of Friends and streaming, we wait with baited breath. Something more than the unscripted special will happen — we just don’t know what it will be yet.

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