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Are you missing Friends? We are. These are the 10 best episodes of Friends we’re missing the most as we wait for HBO Max to launch this May 2020.

#10. “The One with the Embryos” – S4:E12

The title of this episode is misleading. Yes, Phoebe is about to carry her brother’s baby, which is a loveable moment in the show. Yet, the real laugh out loud moments come in the game played by Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Joey. With answers like “Miss Chanandler Bong”, “He’s a trans… trans….transponster!” and “His legs flail about as if independent from his body!” this is definitely an episode we’re missing.

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#9. “The One with All the Cheesecakes” – S7:E11

This episode gives a glimpse into Chandler and Rachel’s friendship, which rarely gets top billing. Ironically, it puts them in a tug-of-war as they both desperately fight over cheesecake that isn’t even theirs. The best moment in the show has to be when both are eating cheesecake off the hall floor and Joey appears, pulling a fork out of his pocket as if it’s normal. That man’s always ready to eat.

#8. “The One That Could Have Been” – S6:E15

Probably one of the only funny flashback episodes in the show, showing what their lives would have been if they never befriended each other. Scenarios include Rachel marrying Barry, Carol not becoming a lesbian, and the best character of them all, fat Monica.

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#7. “The One with the Blackout” – S1:E7

The lights are out and most of the gang are stuck in Monica’s apartment. The cat Bob Buttons takes a lead role in the episode, with Ross getting attacked by it, and Mr. Heckles trying to steal it. The best scenes are with Chandler, whose attempts at talking to Victoria’s Secret model (Jill Goodacre Connick) start with him choking. Luckily, she rescues him, and we get the immortal line, “gum is perfection.”

#6. “The One with the Jellyfish” – S4:E1

Not only did this episode bring laughs, but it also taught us a very important life lesson. Thanks to the animal channel, Chandler, Monica, and Joey, we all now know how to treat a jellyfish sting. Plus, we can’t forget the epic letter from Rachel to Ross about their borked relationship. Who can forget Rachel’s reaction, “You fell a-sleep!?

#5. “The One with Ross’s Sandwich” – S5:E9

Watching Ross have a breakdown is a recurring Friends highlight. It’s hilarious to see Ross lose his cool and even funnier when it’s over a half-eaten sandwich. His scream of “My sandwich!” is still shouted around this house. This episode also has the Ross-a-tron score divorce number three.

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#4. “The One Where Ross Got High” – S6:E9

Ross attempts to explain away his past indiscretions, blaming everyone but himself in the process. It’s an interesting twist to the character’s relationship with his mother and father. As he continues to lie, dragging out the fact Jack and Judy dislike Chandler, an embarrassing series of childhood stories are revealed. In the end, Chandler is the hero, Ross is found out, and we learn a trifle filled with beef tastes like feet.

#3. ‘The One with Unagi’ – S6:E17

One of the most memorable lines from the show has to be Ross’s pronunciation of his “Kara-tay.” He has a growing obsession to beat both Rachael and Phoebe at Unagi, a new state of awareness, and sushi. Throughout the episode, he attempts to prove his Unagi is greater, even visiting a self-defense class to find out how to win as the mugger. The guy has issues.

#2. “The One with the Cop” – S5:E16

Another iconic line coming from the one and only Ross Geller, “Pivot” is now ingrained in pop culture forever. Considering the couch delivery was filler in the episode’s story, it has inspired t-shirts, fridge magnets and beyond. There’s rarely a week that goes by without someone I know saying “Piv-ot” as if they were Ross. Simply put, if this was a list about the best scenes, this would be top.

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#1. “The One Where No One’s Ready” – S3:E2

The No. 1 episode uses only Monica’s apartment and the six main cast members, yet it’s the episode we miss most. It truly showcases the once in a lifetime chemistry between the gang. From the giant Christmas decoration on Phoebe’s dress to Monica’s answer machine meltdown, it’s the perfect sitcom episode, and it even includes Chandler and Joey uncovering the essence of a chair.

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