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Netflix has not confirmed a release date for Season 4 of Stranger Things yet, but we’ll be keeping this article updated, so when there is, we’ll have it here first. Bookmark this page and check back regularly.

Estimated release date: Early 2021.

Season 4 was announced in 2019. Considering it takes roughly two years to make each season, the 2021 estimate is most probable. However, there is a chance Stranger Things Season 4 may release October 2020 if Season 1 and 2’s pattern is followed.

Warning: If you haven’t seen Season 3, there are spoilers ahead.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Easter Egg

One thing you may not know is that the phone number Hopper gives out during Season 3, Episode 6, at Murray Bauman’s house was real. When called, Bauman, the conspiracy theorist reporter, reaches out to Joyce Byers, who left Hawkins, Indiana, at the end of Season 3. Bauman says he has information he wants to give her in person.

Could this be news on Hopper? Most likely. Our money is on the fact he is
“The American” locked away in the Russian prison in the post-credits scene following the Season 3 finale.

Beyond Season 4?

Show creators Matt and Ross Duffer said Season 4 would be the last. Luckily, since then, producer Shawn Levy has said Season 5 is a possibility thanks to enthusiasm for the show among the child stars and Netflix.

Outside of the facts we know Season 4 is coming and Season 5 is a possibility, the news is limited. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next in one of the best original shows of the last decade (if not ever).

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4K/HDR/Dolby Atmos

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s top-ranking shows, and since Season 2, it has been in 4K with Dolby Vision and Atmos. Season 4 will inevitably look and sound as good as the two previous seasons.

Check out the latest teaser trailer for Season 4 below:

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