Mother Of The Bride Review 2024
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Netflix recently released their newest rom-com titled Mother of the Bride, starring Miranda Cosgrove, Brooke Shields, Benjamin Bratt, and Sean Teale. When daughter Emma (Cosgrove) announces her engagement to mother Lana (Shields), everything is great until Lana’s ex (Bratt) is revealed to be the groom RJ’s father. What follows is a rollercoaster ride of trying to sort out the past to mend the future, so the wedding can go off without a hitch.

Check out our Mother of the Bride review, and remember, spoilers ahead!

Mother of the Bride Review – Breaking Down Plot, Setting, Characters


Mother Of The Bride Review: One Of Many Cheesy Wedding Romcoms
Credit: Living Films

The main plotline in the film follows daughter Emma as she tries to navigate her impending marriage to RJ, while also dancing around her mother’s protective nature. To make things more complicated, Lana realizes her college ex is the father of her future son-in-law and must deal with buried emotions.

While there are some hilarious moments between the characters, it does feel like a lot of other romcoms that center around a wedding/wedding party. A couple is getting married while another bridges the gap of time to reconnect, and in this case, get engaged too. I was also cringing quite a bit during the movie, with some sections being awkward or strained. I think they could have toned down on some of the fighting sections and dove deeper into the relationships between the characters, which I will explore more later.

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Mother Of The Bride Review: One Of Many Cheesy Wedding Romcoms
Credit: Living Films

The aspect that worked the most for me was the setting. Starting at a swanky restaurant where RJ proposed, we are quickly whisked off to Thailand to a magical resort courtesy of the company Emma works for. It is a place many of us could only dream about getting married at and leans into the past and future love between the characters.

Along with the beaches, scenes included pools, bars, sophisticated villas, and the wedding venue itself. I’m not sure if I would have changed anything with the setting, as it immediately set the tone for a stunning wedding and lots of drama.


Mother Of The Bride Review: One Of Many Cheesy Wedding Romcoms
Credit: Living Films

Along with the four main characters Emma, RJ, Lana, and Will, there are a few other notable members including Lucas (another love interest for Lana), Janice, Scott, Clay (all friends of Will and Lana), and Camala (wedding planner). Emma and RJ are getting married in Thailand, while Lana and Will are the parents, respectively.

As the group gets together in Thailand, there are some tense and funny moments. However, I didn’t think the characters were that strong. There was a lot of bickering between Emma and Lana, and Lana and Will, making some of the scenes seem awkward. If there had been less bickering and more delving into the complexity of each character, the story would have been better.

I was also a little disappointed in the lack of chemistry between the couples, both engaged and exes. I knew that they loved each other and (both) were going to get married, but some of the scenes just felt a little lackluster. I’m not sure if this is because of the genre of the film or the actors playing the roles, but the plot would have been more intriguing with some extra flair.

Where Was Mother of the Bride Filmed?

Just like the resort location, Mother of the Bride was filmed in Thailand, providing stunning views of the beach and the jungle there. It was specifically filmed at two resorts in Phuket.

Where to Watch Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride can be watched exclusively on Netflix as of its release on May 9, 2024. It is the latest romcom released on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you like romcoms or a feel-good comedy then Mother of the Bride should go on your watchlist. For those who seek a spicier romance or less tension, this might fall short of your expectations. As for me, I wanted more from the film and many scenes just fell flat.

Mother of the Bride
Mother Of The Bride Review: One Of Many Cheesy Wedding Romcoms
Editor's Rating:


  • Feel good movie
  • Star-studded cast
  • Stunning backdrop of Thailand


  • Lack of chemistry between actors
  • Slow burn