Ghosted Review: Is It Worth A Watch?
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Next up on our recent movie reviews, we have Ghosted, which came out on Apple TV+ this spring. The movie is a mix of action and romance starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. What could be better than this attractive duo on screen? We have seen them in a film together once before, so we know they have chemistry when the cameras are rolling. That being said, let’s dive into our honest Ghosted review and let you know if it’s worth a watch this weekend.

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What is Ghosted about?

Ghosted Review: Don'T Watch Unless You Like Cringing
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The movie features Cole, an overly cautious, kind of creepy, and seemingly dull main character. He sees Sadie at the farmers market and tries to take her out to coffee. He accidentally leaves his inhaler in her bag and uses the tracker to stalk her to London, which he thinks is a cute gesture. It’s important to note that he does this after already sending her multiple texts. Once he gets to London, he is mistaken for “The Taxman,” a killer who hunts down bad men. Plot twist: this is actually Sadie, the secret agent.

They both go on a wild chase to help save the world from men who want to open a briefcase that can launch missiles. Luckily, they will need a code before they can actually act upon their evil.

Ghosted Review

Ghosted Review: Don'T Watch Unless You Like Cringing
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If this sounds like a basic action storyline that you’ve seen in other blockbuster movies, you wouldn’t be wrong. After watching the movie, I would consider it entertaining. However, would I watch it again? Probably not. I’m sure you could already tell, but I definitely thought Cole’s character was unlikable and that the plot of him following Sadie to London was rather creepy and implausible. The movie seemed more cringe than you would want it to be, especially with Chris Evans playing Cole.

The suspense was subpar as it doesn’t keep you guessing as to what will happen next. While the funny scenes made me chuckle, the movie doesn’t stand out and it isn’t that memorable. Also, I was expected more romance, but it doesn’t lean into that aspect of the movie as fans might hope. Even the Rolling Stone said it was one of the worst romantic comedies ever.

Both actors had many big stunts they pulled during the movie, but despite that, it wasn’t as entertaining as I would have hoped. I admit that I mainly decided to watch the movie because of the two power house main actors. I have seen them in previous films and loved how they were on screen. For this to be one of Apple TV+ movies, I was expecting it to have top-notch drama, comedy, and visual effects as so many of their programs do.

This is definitely disappointing since the film stars celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie. In one scene of the film, you see the trio, Chris, Sebastian, and Anthony, together again, which they haven’t done on screen since the Avengers. That scene was my favorite because it is quite funny and unexpected to see the actors in the film playing bad guys. However, it says a lot that my favorite scene is a reference to another film and doesn’t include the plot or the co-stars.

Ultimately, in my Ghosted review, I don’t recommend this movie because it’s just not as entertaining as so many other rom coms that are less cringeworthy. Similarly, if you want a good action movie, I would pass on Ghosted and try to find something else on Apple TV+ that is more worth your movie screen time.