Credit: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once upon a time, Quentin Tarantino said he wouldn’t mind making Bounty Law for Netflix. It may have been a flippant comment, but if he’s already written the scripts and is willing to direct the spinoff miniseries, expect Netflix and Co. to start a Bounty Law bidding war.

I wouldn’t mind doing it for Netflix but I’d want to shoot it on film.

Quentin Tarantino, via Deadine

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What is Bounty Law?

Bounty Law is a fictional show that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character stars in, within the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It is an old-school Western telling the mythology of Jake Cahill (DiCaprio). It is uncertain whether DiCaprio will reprise his role in the show, but considering it’s Tarantino, we wouldn’t bet against it.

Tarantino has already written five episodes and is planning on three more half-hour episodes for the black-and-white miniseries.

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Bounty Law bidding war

There are three reasons Bounty Law could end up in a hotly contested bidding war:

  1. It is a spinoff from Tarantino’s 9th movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, one of the major movie releases in 2019.
  2. Tarantino has always said he wants to direct 10 movies and then retire from directing. That’d make Bounty Law one of the last things the legendary filmmaker directs.
  3. The fact that Tarantino plans to write for TV and other projects after his last directorial movie makes Bounty Law an audition piece.

If at some point Tarantino is ready to make the series, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, NBC Peacock, and even CBS All Access will end up in a bidding war for Bounty Law.

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Auditioning for Tarantino

This audition wouldn’t be for Tarantino to streaming platforms, but for streaming platforms to Tarantino. Whoever impresses him could end up signing one of the last remaining creative geniuses to an exclusive writer-producer deal. Such a move could be the biggest streaming news of 2020.

Considering many big content creators are already signed up to exclusive deals on major streaming platforms, it’s amazing Netflix didn’t throw money and reels of film at Quentin Tarantino on the back of the above quote. From the looks of it, they should have.

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