Best Streaming Movies This Month (March 2020)
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Deciding what to watch on any streaming platform can be downright overwhelming, so let’s create a ranking of the best streaming movies arriving this month.

The majority of these titles are available right now and will be for the whole of April.

This list comprises not just classic prestige films, but also hidden gems you might’ve missed. Now presenting SNIPdaily’s ranking of the top 10, highly recommended movies to stream right now.

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10. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (Amazon Prime Video)

Few people have seen writer-director Kevin Smith’s return to the View Askewniverse, yet it’s gotten a warm critical and audience reception. On Rotten Tomatoes, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot has 68% from critics and 94% from audiences.

Word is it’s a hella meta good time, with celebrity cameos galore. This is going to be fun, and if it’s not purely one of the better films streaming this month, it’s for sure one of the most anticipated.

9. Black Panther (Disney+)

Black Panther (2018). Ranking The Best Streaming Movies This Month (March 2020)
Credit: Marvel Studios

This groundbreaking Marvel Cinematic Universe movie received seven Academy Award nominations and won three: Best Costume Design, Best Production Design and Best Original Score.

Black Panther is in 4K/HDR/Dolby Atmos on Disney+, so be sure to check out the spectacle-rich movie in all its Ultra HD glory. Beyond being a visual feast, director Ryan Coogler tells a great story with an empathetic villain to credibly challenge the eponymous protagonist.

Watch it as a tribute to the late, great Chadwick Boseman.

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8. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Netflix)

You’ll be hard-pressed to find more of a star-studded cast among movies streaming right now. The film is a complex tale of British espionage. Gary Oldman leads the ensemble and received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his work.

Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, John Hurt, Ciaran Hinds and Toby Jones round out the ensemble. That assembly of talent must be enough to get somebody out there interested in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

7. Up in the Air (Hulu & Amazon Prime Video)

Up In The Air (2009). Ranking The Best Streaming Movies This Month (March 2020)
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Some people may criticize George Clooney for being too similar in all his movies. Nevertheless, he’s pitch-perfect here as a traveling corporate consultant who essentially fires people.

It starts as sort of a road-trip buddy comedy, with Anna Kendrick playing a newcomer to Clooney’s world. She’s scarred by the initiation process of firing people, and is excellent in the movie.

Clooney, Kendrick and Vera Farmiga all got Oscar nominations. Jason Reitman had three in his own right for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Director.

6. Extraction (Netflix)

If Denzel Washington’s Man On Fire meets Activision’s Call Of Duty sounds like heaven, Netflix’s latest attempt at nailing an action movie is more than worth watching.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, an unstoppable mercenary on a mission to rescue an innocent child. The movie has enough heart and depth to keep interests high as the explosions and adrenaline-pumping set pieces dazzle.

It’s definitely Netflix’s best action movie to date.

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5. Swingers (Showtime)

Jon Favreau is now among the most in-demand and successful creative minds in film and television. He launched the MCU with Iron Man and created The Mandalorian.

Before all that, he wrote and starred in Swingers with Vince Vaughn. Favreau plays struggling comedian Mike, who’s moved to L.A. from New York and is, ahem, “hung up” on his ex-girlfriend.

The movie is pure of heart, features strong, realistic friendships, has excellent dialogue and serves as a fun time capsule of Hollywood in the ’90s.

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4. There Will Be Blood (Netflix)

There Will Be Blood (2007). Best Streaming Movies This Month (March 2020)
Credit: Paramount Vantage

Daniel Day-Lewis is the only man ever to win three Best Actor Oscars. His second came courtesy of his work in There Will Be Blood. He plays oil tycoon Daniel Plainview, and is an absolute on-screen powerhouse.

Paul Thomas Anderson is also one of the best directors of the modern era. His work spans all sorts of genres, and this period piece may well be his magnum opus.

3. The Shawshank Redemption (Hulu)

One of the worst titles in movie history, yet one of the best films in modern history.

Shawshank was a box-office bomb due in part to its failed marketing campaign. There’s also quite the twist toward the end that boosts its stature among the best movies available to stream right now.

Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, the Stephen King adaptation is really among the best to be derived from the prolific writer’s work.

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2. GoodFellas (Sling)

Oh, gosh. How about Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta, directed by Martin Scorsese in arguably the best mob movie of all-time?

Despite the serious subject matter, GoodFellas features plenty of comedy. Even though the main character Henry Hill (Liotta) isn’t the best guy, audiences find themselves rooting for him anyway.

There’s a dinner scene in here featuring a back-and-forth between Liotta and Pesci. It was partially improvised, and in the opinion of yours truly, is among the top-five best movie scenes of all-time.

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1. Good Will Hunting (Tubi)

The moon shot script Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote together to make all their Hollywood dreams come true. They both shot to stardom after Good Will Hunting, the story of a young man who’s an absolute genius, yet is a mere janitor at MIT.

Well, at least that’s where Will Hunting begins his journey. He eventually meets a mentor named Dr. Sean Maguire (the late, great, Academy Award-winning Robin Williams).

In addition to this being a magnificent movie, the story behind it for Damon and Affleck makes it even cooler. I’ll hear an argument for GoodFellas being a better overall film, but Good Will Hunting really is something special.