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ViacomCBS’s $375 million deal to buy 49 percent of Miramax unlocked a 700-movie vault for CBS All Access.

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Having searched through their vault, we’ve compiled a list ranked in order of biggest draw and streaming scarcity — however, we’ll start with a CBS All Access Miramax wild card.

The Gentleman (2020)

A Guy Ritchie London gangster movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, and more? Yes, please. It hits theatres late January, so it won’t be available in the vault until much later in the year. If it lands on CBS All Access exclusively, it’s a movie that will turn cord-cutters’ heads. Check out the trailer below.

#7. The Kevin Smith collection

Miramax’s vault includes Kevin Smith’s better work. Movies include the original Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma and most importantly, the 2019 reboot of Jay and Silent Bob. It lacks Clerks 2, which remains only available for purchase.

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#6. Best of Daniel Day-Lewis

The man is a chameleon. If CBS All Access decide to tap into Miramax’s vault for some sensational acting, they need to look no further. His best three movies include My Left Foot, Gangs of New York, and There Will Be Blood. The only reason this trio doesn’t rank higher is because they’re already available on other streaming services.

#5. Halloween rebooted series

Halloween Kills Cbs All Access Miramax
Credit: Miramax

Right now, only HBO has the Halloween reboot, but this deal with ViacomCBS should change that. With Halloween Kills coming in 2020, the sequel to 2018’s reboot, there is great potential for CBS All Access to lure in cord-cutting horror fans.

#4. The Bridget Jones trilogy

If CBS All Access can stream all three of the Bridget Jones movies, they’ll have a major coup. Not only has this trilogy grossed $750 million worldwide, but Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and Bridget Jones’s Baby remain largely unavailable on streaming services.

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#3. Scream (1 – 5)

Scream Cbs All Access Miramax
Credit: MiramaxCredit: Dimension Films
Credit: Dimension Films

That’s not a typo — Miramax recently teased Scream 5. It’ll be 2021 before it becomes available to CBS All Access, but having all five massively popular Scream movies would be a big catch. The only downside to the series is that 1-4 have been available on multiple streaming services for a long time. This means demand before Scream 5 might not be the highest.

#2. The Scary Movie collection

With five movies ranging in quality, from funny to cringe-worthy, it seems unlikely that this movie collection would pique the interest of cord-cutters. That said, these five movies have made $900 million at the box office worldwide and remain scarce across streaming services. It may come as a surprise, but this collection could be one of CBS All Access’s biggest draws.

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#1. The Tarantino Collection

Pulp Fiction Cbs All Access Miramax
Credit: Miramax

If we didn’t combine Quentin Tarantino’s movies, this list would look like a top 10 dedicated to the legendary filmmaker. Miramax is, after all, known as the studio Tarantino built. Movies including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Django Unchained were massive box office draws and remain hugely popular. If CBS All Access can put them all in one place, it would be one heck of a calling card to cord-cutters looking to binge.