Cbs All Access Is 2020S Streaming Dark Horse
Credit: Flickr and Creative Commons

Backing a winner in 2020 is complex. All eyes are on upcoming powerhouses HBO Max and NBC’s Peacock. The popular expectation is that they, along with Disney+, will carve up Netflix’s market share. It is plausible, but the dark horse in this streaming race is CBS All Access. Each will be taking a slice of the streaming market pie. The question is, who gets the biggest piece?

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49 percent of Miramax

To be as blunt as possible, CBS All Access has a movie problem — it has none to speak of. To solve that, the multinational mass media conglomerate ViacomCBS went out and spent smartly. Rather than spending a billion on a TV show, they’ve invested $375 million into Miramax, a movie studio owned by BeIN Media Group.

The deal is in two parts:

  • $150 million upfront payment.
  • $45 million yearly over five years in further funding of new movies.

This represents a very smart deal for ViacomCBS. Not only do they get a 49 percent share in the studio, but they also get exclusivity to their 700-movie library including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill (Part I & II), Gangs of New York, and future content.

Add the fact Viacom owns Paramount, and CBS All Access could end up having all the movies it will ever need.

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Nickelodeon for kids

Movies appeared to be the last hurdle for CBS All Access, who look all set to dominate the kids market. The streaming service has access to Nickelodeon’s vault of content, including new exclusive children’s shows.

Additionally, Viacom owns DreamWorks. Thus, there is a high probability major franchise like The Minions could end up exclusive to CBS All Access. This combination of Nickelodeon and DreamWorks makes CBS All Access a big competitor in the family streaming market.

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Whose slice?

CBS All Access looks to have all the content needed to be a genuine 2020 dark horse. With Nickelodeon, Paramount, Miramax, and DreamWorks, it has the potential to disrupt any service reliant on back catalogs rather than new content. Disney+, watch out!