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CBS All Access is to start adding Nickelodeon shows to the service in January 2020. In August, the service announced that it had licensed shows including Danger Mouse and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. So, this move appears to be one that’s been in the making for a few months at least.

“We’re bringing to market a fantastic roster of exclusive originals along with a library of marquee series for families, and we look forward to continuing to expand our children’s programming offering, especially with the future addition of incredible programming from Nickelodeon.”

Marc DeBevoise, President and COO, CBS Interactive

The big surprise is that it has taken this long for Viacom to connect the dots and put Nickelodeon and CBS All Access together. It’s a no-brainer of a move, especially as streaming services have been hurting viewership of children’s TV for years.

Once upon a time, Nickelodeon was No. 1, even above Disney, in children’s TV viewership. Considering CBS All Access launched in 2014, this move is five years overdue.

SpongeBob SquarePants

This news comes hot on the heels of Netflix’s announcement that they’re making a SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off. SpongeBob is Nickelodeon’s crown jewel. It’s a show that has made $13 billion in merchandise alone and is considered one of the best cartoons ever.

If CBS All Access adds its 20-year back catalog of episodes, it could be a real unique selling point for the service. It’d appeal to children and adults alike, as the show is a phenomenon that people grew up with, very much like The Simpsons.

Top service for kids

With Nickelodeon, CBS All Access could become the top service for children. With shows including Rugrats, All Grown Up, Inspector Gadget and more, the back catalog is out of this world. It would, in all seriousness, give Disney+ a real run for its money as the premier children’s entertainment destination.

We’ve already called Disney+ the cheapest babysitter for a family. If CBS All Access gets all Nickelodeon content, though, it might become the best babysitter on the market. Better, but not necessarily cheaper than Disney+.