Best Thanksgiving Movies

Thanksgiving is the time where we gather with our families, make some delicious food, and get so stuffed we fall asleep on the couch. If you haven’t fallen asleep yet and still want to do something though, try watching one of our top fifteen Thanksgiving movies streaming right now. There are a range of horror, feel-good, drama, comedy, and other genres of movies in this list that can cater to any viewer. You don’t just have to watch the Macy’s Day Parade or Thanksgiving Day Football — try one of these movies instead!

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15. Thanksgiving, In Theaters 11/17 (2023)

15 Best Thanksgiving Movies Streaming Right Now
Credit: IMDB

Directed by Eli Roth, Thanksgiving has yet to hit theaters but seems to be an especially gruesome American slasher film. After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, and axe-wielding maniac terrorizes the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The seemingly random killings escalate, and become part of a larger plan.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: N/A
  • IMDB Score: N/A

14. Friendsgiving, Apple TV and Tubi (2020)

If you’ve ever had a crazy Thanksgiving dinner that ends in yelling, laughing, or screaming then you’ll enjoy Friendsgiving. Molly and Abbey, along with their close friends and acquaintances host a dysfunctional, comical, and chaotic Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 22%
  • IMDB Score: 4.4/10

13. Black Friday, STARZ and Hulu (2021)

15 Best Thanksgiving Movies Streaming Right Now
Credit: IMDB

Sci-fi and horror junkies should check out Black Friday for their Thanksgiving day watchlist. In the movie it’s Thanksgiving night and a group of disgruntled toy store employees arrive for work to begin their shift on Black Friday. At the same time an alien parasite crashes to Earth, and the employees soon find themselves against hordes of shoppers who have been turned into monstrous creatures on Black Friday.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 39%
  • IMDB Score: 4.7/10

12. Free Birds, Roku Channel and STARZ (2013)

Owen Wilson plays a pardoned turkey named Reggie in this hilarious film perfect for all ages. After being pardoned by the president, Reggie lives a carefree lifestyle until fellow turkey Jake recruits him for a journey back in time to 1621, right before the first Thanksgiving. The plan? Make sure turkeys never become a staple of Thanksgiving meals.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 44%
  • IMDB Score: 5.8/10

11. The Humans, fuboTV and Apple TV (2021)

15 Best Thanksgiving Movies Streaming Right Now
Credit: IMDB

Erik Blake has invited three generations of his family to celebrate Thanksgiving at his daughter’s apartment in lower Manhattan. As darkness falls and things become eerie, the group’s fears are brought to light. This movie shows not only the love of a family connecting them together, but the hidden dread that can lie within family members.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 45%
  • IMDB Score: 6.1/10

10. Holidate, Netflix (2020)

Though not specifically about just Thanksgiving, this movie is still a good choice for Thanksgiving. When two strangers are fed up with being single on holidays, they agree to be each other’s platonic plus-ones all year long at each holiday. The only problem is they start to catch feelings along the way. Oops.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 53%
  • IMDB Score: 6.1/10

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9. Addams Family Values, Paramount Plus and PlutoTV (1993)

15 Best Thanksgiving Movies Streaming Right Now
Credit: IMDB

If you’re still in the Halloween spooky season, this is a perfect crossover movie for you. Follow the Addams family in a sequel where Gomez and Morticia are celebrating the arrival of a baby boy. Siblings Wednesday and Pugsley are not happy at all, and try to eliminate the infant until nanny Debbie Jelinsky appears, and they have a new problem to deal with.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 63%
  • IMDB Score: 6.8/10

8. Lez Bomb, Peacock and Tubi (2018)

Lez Bomb might be for a little older crowds, but it will surely make you laugh at least once. When a closeted woman brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving dinner, her coming-out efforts will be thwarted when her male roommate unexpectedly arrives at her house.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 66%
  • IMDB Score: 5.2/10

7. Pieces of April, Tubi and Hulu (2003)

15 Best Thanksgiving Movies Streaming Right Now
Credit: IMDB

This is a feel-good movie about family coming together to support each other in the worst of times. April Burns lives in New York City with her boyfriend, away from her emotionally distant family. But when her mother is diagnosed with fatal breast cancer, April decides to invite them to her apartment for Thanksgiving. While her father struggles driving the family there, April is also struggling to cook the meal and must seek a neighbor for help.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 73%
  • IMDB Score: 7/10

6. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Apple TV (1973)

Enjoy the Peanuts in another holiday special! Peppermint Patty invites everyone to Charlie Brown’s for Thanksgiving, but he is going to see his grandmother. Meanwhile, Snoopy decides to cook his own version of the iconic Thanksgiving meal, with some help from his friends. This is a great movie to put on for the kids while dinner’s being made, or the adults want to chat.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 76%
  • IMDB Score: 7.7/10

5. Krisha, HBO Max and Prime Video (2015)

15 Best Thanksgiving Movies Streaming Right Now
Credit: IMDB

Do you have any family members that are either not allowed at Thanksgiving, or just “mistakingly” not invited? If so, you should check out Krisha, which has similar family dynamics. When a troubled woman (Krisha Fairchild) reunites with extended family that she abandoned years earlier, tensions will rise and the truth will come out.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 77%
  • IMDB Score: 7.1/10

4. The Ice Storm, HBO Max and Hulu (1997)

It’s the 1970s, and an outwardly content family starts to break at the seams over Thanksgiving break. The father Ben seeks fulfillment by cheating on his wife Elena, with the neighborhood seductress Janey. Their teenage daughter Wendy also is dabbling in sex affairs, but with Janey’s son Mikey. The strained relation’s reach a critical climax when an ice storm strikes.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 82%
  • IMDB Score: 7.3/10

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3. Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Paramount Plus and PlutoTV (1987)

15 Best Thanksgiving Movies Streaming Right Now
Credit: IDMB

Neal Page (Steve Martin) is somewhat of a control freak who is trying to get home to Chicago for Thanksgiving with his wife and kids. Instead, his flight is rerouted to a distant city in Kansas due to a freak snowstorm, and Neal’s sanity begins to wear thin. It gets tested even further when Neal is forced to bunk with talkative Del Griffith (John Candy), and together they must overcome holiday travel in order to make it to their destinations.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 87%
  • IMDB Score: 7.6/10

2. Hannah and Her Sisters, Hulu and Prime Video (1986)

If you enjoy watching character’s grow over time, you’ll enjoy Hannah and Her Sisters. With the focal point being Thanksgiving dinners, three holidays will pass over the length of the movie, revealing the lives of Hannah and her younger sisters Lee, Holly, and the men in their lives. This might be better suited for older viewers, maybe after the kids have gone off to play in another room.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 90%
  • IMDB Score: 7.8/10

1. Knives Out, Prime Video and Apple TV (2019)

15 Best Thanksgiving Movies Streaming Right Now
Credit: IMDB

Though not during Thanksgiving at all, Knives Out did premiere on Thanksgiving day, making it onto our list. Crime novelist Harlan Thrombey has passed mysteriously, and renowned Detective Benoit Blanc has been called in to talk to the surviving family. The only issue is that each member of the dysfunctional Thrombey family could be a suspect, for various different reasons connected to the late Harlan. He must sift through the lies and deceit in order to find the true killer of the novelist.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 92%
  • IMDB Score: 7.9/10

Though not all of these movies are strictly about Thanksgiving Day, they still bring the most important elements of Thanksgiving to film — family, drama, and food. Hopefully you enjoyed our top fifteen list of Thanksgiving movies, and watch at least one of them on Turkey Day.