Shows Like Ginny And Georgia Imdb
shows like ginny and georgia imdb

There are several shows out right now that portray the harsh reality of life, and thankfully that’s the same with shows like Ginny and Georgia. This 2021 Netflix series features the complicated relationship of angsty teen Ginny, and her free-spirited mother Georgia.

This show is not just about a hard mother-daughter relationship, however, as it talks about some difficult themes. Viewers will watch as Ginny deals with feeling more mature than Georgia, and Georgia doing everything in her power to make sure her past life never creeps back up. Here are a few top picks for those wanting to find more shows like Ginny and Georgia.

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9. Outer Banks

Outer Banks Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

While this show is not quite the child-parent relationship that is seen in Ginny and Georgia, it still does have that theme. Outer Banks is an action-adventure mystery drama that follows a group of teams that are trying to figure out what happened to the missing father of John B.

Along the way, they discover legendary treasure that is tied to the father’s name, ensuing in conflicts with the law and more.

8. Atypical

Atypical Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

Love is difficult. Just like Ginny trying to find her love interest, Sam also struggles to find himself a girlfriend. In Atypical, fans will see an 18-year-old who is on the autism spectrum search for love and independence.

His mother struggles to let his boy go, as she searches for her own independence, while Sam tries to understand what it is like to have a girlfriend.

7. Sex Education

Sex Education Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

Sex Education is a great show like Ginny and Georgia, as it incapsulates that awkward and strange relationships kids can have with their parents. In this show, Otis, a socially awkward high schooler deals with having a sex therapist mother, who is very open about the topic.

Since he is constantly surrounded with videos, manuals and has very freeing conversations with his mother, him and his friends decide to create a secret Sex Ed Course at school to help others with their problems, and thus bringing up their social status.

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6. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

While an older running series, Gilmore Girls is a drama comedy that is centered around the relationship between a mother and her teen daughter living in Connecticut, a show like Ginny and Georgia. Even though it premiered in 2000, it is still a favorite for many.

Both the mother and daughter have big dreams they’re trying to achieve, but when they are constantly bombarded with their family members, conflict ensues as their differences show.

5. Bridgerton

Bridgerton Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

While this is set in 1800s London, this show is still a great watch for fans of Ginny and Georgia. Bridgerton follows the Bridgerton family, with each season dedicated to a different character. The first season features Daphne as she makes her debut in London’s competitive marriage market.

Her family works hard to find the best suitor for her, all the while a mysterious lady, Lady Whistledown, begins writing scandalous information on the townspeople. It isn’t until the Duke of Hastings, one of the most desirable bachelors comes into town that Daphne starts getting serious about her options.

4. Euphoria

Euphoria Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

While Euphoria has been made fun of for being on the dramatic side, it is also shockingly real. While Ginny and Georgia shows the complicated life of a single mother trying her best and a teenager just wanting more in life, Euphoria does a great job at showing a different side of life’s truths.

From drugs, sex and violence, Euphoria takes a deep dive into harsher topics for teenagers. The show focuses on Rue, a drug addict who struggles to get sober as she finds a place in life. Between wobbly relationships with her peers and her family, fans will get an insight of just how twisted and dark life truly can be.

3. The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

Relationships are a big plot in most media, and Ginny and Georgia is no different. While the mother has her own romantic struggles, Ginny also deals with her crush on Hunter. And for fans that want to see a bit more of this type of romance, The Summer I Turned Pretty is a great choice.

This is a newer that features Isabel Conklin who just turned sixteen. When she and her family reunite with the Fisher brothers, everything turns upside down. Jeremaih and Conrad are both in love with Isabel, creating a love triangle that shows the true nature of first love, and first heartbreak.

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2. Jane the Virgin

Jane The Virgin Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

In Ginny and Georgia, we often see flashbacks of Georgia as she struggles with raising a child alone at a young age. Jane the Virgin is a great show to watch if fans want to see more about the struggles of pregnancy at unexpected times.

In this story, fans will watch Jane, a religious young Latina who is accidently artificially inseminated during her checkup. Although scared and anxious, Jane decided to bring the baby to full term. This causes the biological father, who is a married man, to come into the picture, and more chaos fallows.

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Shows Like Ginny And Georgia

Loosely based on the creator’s life, Mindy Kaling, Never Have I Ever follows teenager Devi Vishwakumar who, after losing her father, is trying to navigate her social life in school. Like Ginny and Georgia, we see a teenager struggling in their social lives, as well as dealing with a parent that they clash with.

And here, Devi is struggling with losing a kinder parent, being left with a strict mother. The two clash often, and it leaves Devi feeling alone and lost. There are heavy hitting topics like trauma, the loss of a parent, self-identity and strained relationships.