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NCIS kept its viewers on the edge of their seats with drama and suspense. Following the Major Case Response Team of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in Washington D.C., NCIS is full of murder, espionage, and even terrorism plots. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that you would want shows that are similar to NCIS where you’re on the edge of your seat the whole time. We have created a list of 20 amazing shows that are like NCIS and where you can stream them.

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20. Chicago PD, Peacock (2014-Present)

20 Amazing Shows Like Ncis
Credit: IMDB

One of three distinct “Chicago” shows that air on Wednesday, Chicago PD follows District 21 of the Chicago Police Department. Within the department there are two teams, the regular cops and the intelligence unit, which is who the series follows as they track down drug dealers, killers, and shut down trafficking networks all over the city.

19. S.W.A.T., Paramount+ (2017-Present)

S.W.A.T is about a team based in Los Angeles who are highly trained men and women to solve crimes. They track down drug smugglers and human trafficking victims. They enter situations local police can’t, like hostage situations. S.W.A.T. has five seasons released right now. The first episode of season six will be released on October 6th at 8 p.m. eastern time. 

18. Criminal Minds, Hulu & Paramount+ (2005-Present)

Another highly-rated crime TV show is Criminal Minds, still going after sixteen seasons. Of course, the cast has changed over the years but the creepy serial killers these FBI agents track down have not. The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is only sent to the worst cases, and they are often put to the test in order to catch the killer.

17. Burn Notice, Hulu (2007-2013)

Disowned by the U.S. government, a spy uses his special ops training to help others in trouble. He does impossible jobs for desperate people in Miami, Florida, where his mother lives. Burn Notice has seven seasons where you will see Michael help others that can’t go to the police and are in desperate need of his help. 

16. Bones, Roku (2005-2017)

20 Amazing Shows Like Ncis
Credit: IMDB

Based off of the best-selling series by Kathy Reichs, Bones is a TV show that follows Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist. Another main character is FBI agent Seeley Booth, who works with Temperance to solve crimes surrounding bodies — most with only the bones left.

15. The Closer, Hulu Premium (2005-2012)

The Closer is about Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson, who runs the Priority Homicide Division of the LAPD with an unusual style. Brenda’s ability to read people and obtain confessions allows her to solve the city’s most difficult and sensitive cases. The Closer has seven seasons where you see Brenda read people and solve all different types of cases.

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14. Blue Bloods, Hulu (2010-Present)

This a show I’ve heard about several times when people talk about good cop shows. Blue Bloods follows a family of New York cops who fight crime and their own family as each member gets caught up in their own line of work.

13. Scorpion, Paramount+ (2014-2018)

Scorpion is about super geniuses that form an international network to act as the last line of defense when there is a complicated threat in the modern world. There are four seasons of the Scorpion where you will see all kinds of different threats to the world that seem impossible to solve until these super geniuses come to the rescue.

12. Hawaii Five-O, Paramount+ (2010-2020)

20 Amazing Shows Like Ncis
Credit: IMDB

Lasting a whole decade before finally ending the series, Hawaii Five-O was a show that many fans were sad to see end its story. As the name suggests, the show is based in Hawaii with main character Steve McGarrett, who is returning home to find his father’s killer. Instead, the Governor offers a chance to run his own task-force — Five-O.

11. L.A.’s Finest, Tubi (2019-2020)

A spin-off series of the Bad Boys films, L.A.’s Finest follows drug enforcement agent Sydney Burnett. There are some rocky parts to the show, but overall it’s worth the watch.

10. House, Prime Video (2004-2012)

The show House is about an antisocial doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine and does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases. He has a team of doctors and his wits to help save patients who don’t know exactly what is happening to them. House has eight seasons where you see Dr. House solve unusual medical cases.

9. The Mentalist, HBO Max (2008-2015)

The Mentalist is about an independent consultant that works with the California Bureau of Investigation. He uses his sharp observation skills to solve serious crimes. There are seven seasons of The Mentalist where you see Patrick use the skill of observation to help put criminals behind bars.

8. CSI: Crime Scene, Hulu (2000-2015)

20 Amazing Shows Like Ncis
Credit: IMDB

Containing sixteen seasons over fifteen years, CSI: Crime Scene is one of the most popular crime shows on TV, leading to several spin-offs. Following a group of police investigation experts in Las Vegas, Nevada, there’s no end to the crimes you might see on this show.

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7. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Peacock TV and Hulu (1999-Present) 

Special Victims Unit is about a trained squad of detectives in New York City investigating sexually related crimes. There are twenty-three seasons, and twenty-four will be released on September 22nd. When you think you have seen everything the series has to offer, they surprise you with each episode and season.

6. The Rookie, Hulu (2018-Present)

On its fifth season so far, The Rookie is bringing a new light to the idea that you are never too young to try something new. John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) is a 40-year old that decides to pursue his dream of joining the LAPD after a life-altering incident. He has to compete not only with younger recruits, but the skepticism of fellow officers that do not think he’s made for the job.

5. MacGyver, Paramount+ (2016-2021)

MacGyver is about a young, 20-year-old Mac who creates a Department of External Services with the U.S. government. He uses his extraordinary talent for problem-solving and scientific knowledge to save lives. MacGyver has five seasons where you will see Mac and his team save a bunch of lives. 

4. SEAL Team, Paramount+ (2017-Present)

20 Amazing Shows Like Ncis
Credit: IMDB

If you like military shows where they go on death-defying missions in foreign countries, you should try out SEAL Team. Some notable cast members include David Boreanaz, Neil Brown Jr, and A.J. Buckley. These actors play Navy SEALs that get sent out all over the world on missions to protect the United States.

3. NCIS: New Orleans, Paramount+ (2014-2021)

NCIS: New Orleans is about a local field office that investigates criminal cases that involve military personnel. You will see NCIS, the original show crossover, with the New Orleans show along the way. There are seven seasons of the show that take on different cases with the military.

2. White Collar, Hulu (2009-2014)

A white-collar criminal agrees to help the FBI find and catch other white-collar criminals with his expertise as an art and security thief, conman, and counterfeiter. There are six seasons of White Collar where you see a bunch of white-collar criminals that get caught by someone who is just like them.

1. NCIS: Los Angeles, Paramount+ (2014-2023)

NCIS: Los Angeles is about the Naval Criminal Investigation Service’s Office of Special Projects, where they take cases that lead them to go undercover when the cases are too hard to crack from the outside. There are thirteen seasons released, and season fourteen will be aired on October 9th.

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Crime and suspense shows are so enticing because they allow us to live vicariously through the shows, but also display how humans can overcome several obstacles in order to achieve their goals. Hopefully out of this list of twenty shows you found one that is perfect for you, right after you finish your NCIS binge.