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With a market full of choices, it can be hard to find the right content to watch, and that’s why we’ve picked out the best Netflix shows streaming this month.

Netflix is the one service constantly delivering new shows to its audience. Some might even say it delivers too much and not enough quality. Whatever you think, this list of original shows proves one thing, Netflix delivers variety.

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#7. Narcos: Mexico Season 2 (February 13th)

Narcos: Mexico makes the list mostly on nostalgia. The original show was way better on Netflix. Regardless, this origin series has potential. If Netflix can give us more exposition via narration and put the focus on the villains, it could be back to its best. Our fingers are firmly crossed for Season 2.

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#6. Gentefied (February 21st)

A Mexican series about taco shop owners trying to survive gentrification in the neighborhood. It sounds terrible but the trailer has an interesting mix of old and new perspectives, which could lead to some funny family situations. Plus any show about food gets a thumbs up from me. Check out the trailer now.

#5. Better Call Saul Season 4 (February 9th)

Better Call Saul is finally going places. Sadly it has taken 3 seasons to reach this point and many of you (me included) may have given up by now. The hope is that Season 4 moves us into the Breaking Bad timeline so that we can see more of why we all started watching this show in the first place. Episodes of Season 4 will only be on Netflix after they premiere on AMC, with the first being available on February 9th.

#4. Altered Carbon Season 2 (February 27th)

Altered Carbon is a mixed bag. Season 1 does a fantastic job of showcasing a universe that’s complex and varied, yet it never fully grabs attention. The dialogue, characters, and even the acting are all too similar. Everyone sounds and speaks as if off a production line, making it impossible to invest in the emotion of the story. Despite this, I’m still hopeful and interested in Season 2 because the universe has so much potential. Altered Carbon Season 1 earned 90 percent from reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

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#3. The Chef Show Volume 3 (February 19th)

The Chef Show isn’t just one of the best Netflix shows streaming this month, it is the best cooking show ever made. Every moment on camera is either informative, beautiful, funny, or passionate. There is no filler or nonsense, it’s just people who love food, doing what they do best. On February 19th this show will be binged on, like a disgustingly delicious all you can eat buffet. The series so far has earned 100 percent from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and 94 percent from reviewers.

#2. The Pharmacist (February 5th)

As a big fan of docuseries, The Pharmacist stood out as both compelling and unique. It tells the story of Dan Schneider, a pharmacist from Poydras, Louisiana, who in his attempts to find evidence on his son’s murderer, uncovered a prolific pill mill doctor in New Orleans. All five episodes are available on February 5th and we’ll be binging them all day one.

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#1. Locke & Key (February 7th)

Based on the graphic novel by Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill’s Locke & Key is a supernatural horror that’s destined to top Netflix’s viewing ratings in 2020. If Season 1 is anything like the first book of the graphic novel series, expect blood, gore, and lots of twists. This is one show we can’t wait to watch and we’ll be binging and reviewing day one.

For the best shows from January, check out our top-3 below:

#3. Dracula

As a massive Sherlock fan, show creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s reworking of Bram Stoker’s Dracula starts sensationally, but by its third and final episode is awful. Watch episode 1 now, because it’s a feature-length Dracula movie well worth feasting on. Check out our spoiler-free review now.

#2. Messiah

Everyone thought Netflix leaked the plot before launch, yet at no point did it ruin what was a fantastic story that occasionally suffered from cheap moments. Check out our spoiler-free review now.

#1. Sex Education (Season 2)

The series returned with a bang and although it didn’t deliver what we expected, it still delivered great jokes and a compelling story that added new characters along the way. Sex Education remains one of the best Netflix shows streaming this month. Check out our almost spoiler-free review of Season 2 now.