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SNIPdaily: Our V Wars review is spoiler-free.

This review will dent my credibility forever, but V-Wars is a show to be binged. Ten episodes in one sitting were no problem. I got through this show easier than The Irishman, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and The Crown. Clearly, I’ve got issues.

This is the thing: I know V Wars isn’t high-quality. Recently, I reviewed Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told and struggled to get through the first few episodes because of clunky acting and a cliche plot. V Wars has both and writing straight out of a Hollywood agent’s bin, yet I couldn’t stop watching.

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B+ for effort

Firstly, this is why V Wars is entertaining: it knows what it is and goes with it. At no point is it trying to be award-winning — it’s svelte, focused, and serves up exactly what’s expected from a vampire show.

The cast and crew come together to give decent action sequences, moments of horror, and character depth. It’s a B+ for effort, and the only thing holding it back from a higher grade would be a better script and actors to deliver it.

Check out the official V Wars trailer below:

That B-movie vibe

It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s the difference between made-for-TV and made for award season. V Wars is a show on a similar level to X-Files, V, Buffy, et al. It doesn’t need a teleplay or actors better than a B+, because it is giving vampire fans exactly what they want.

The show is bloody, visual, and violent (on a budget). It isn’t suitable for young kids, but could end up becoming a sleeper hit with older teens and parents looking for something to watch.

This is the beauty of V Wars; it isn’t something you have to give 100 percent attention. You can look away for a few minutes and check your phone, or make a drink. Bigger shows demand your full attention. This is just TV-style fun, and Netflix desperately needed that.

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V-Wars verdict: Binge

Snipdaily Review
  • Streaming on Netflix
  • Created by William Laurin and Glenn Davis
  • Starring Ian Somerhalder, Adrian Holmes, and Jacky Lai

Dr. Luther Swann, played by actor Ian Somerhalder, and bad guy Adrian Holmes, who plays patient zero Michael Fayne, are enjoyable to watch. The surrounding cast varies, from adequate to awful, in a made-for-TV kind of way.

What you see in the first episode of V Wars is as good as the acting and writing get. If you can’t look beyond that, then all the blood and action later won’t improve the show for you.

V Wars is the perfect blend of cheese and horror (if you can call it that). It reminded me of classics like X-Files, Buffy, and even An American Werewolf in London. There’s a lot going on in the show, and despite it being on a budget, it’s well-paced across its seven-hour total binge time (all episodes are available now).

If looking for only high quality, skip V Wars. On the other hand, if you can look past its B-movie traits, there’s a show here that deserves a chance.

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