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Breaking Bad is a crime drama that was created and produced by Vince Gilligan and was one of the most popular shows when it aired between 2008 to 2013. The intense thriller focuses on the making and selling of methamphetamines while navigating the criminal underworld.

Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White, takes on the perfect persona of a power-hungry and tortured soul. He has some of the best Breaking Bad quotes throughout the seasons. The character transformations, dynamics, and personalities are some of the main reasons that viewers loved the show so much. Between Breaking Bad, El Camino, and Better Call Saul, you’ll be able to dive into this fictional universe and absorb all the iconic quotes from the series.

Please note that this list will encompass all seasons, so there will be spoilers.

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Best Breaking Bad Quotes

30. “It’s Easy Money, ‘Til We Catch You” S1E1

Imdb Best Breaking Bad Quotes, Breaking Bad
  • Scene Summary: The pilot episode is of course the first episode that holds one of the best quotes in Breaking Bad, as it prefaces the situation and characters and the dynamic, and Hank is the holder of the first one. While at Walt’s 50th birthday, Hank proudly shows off his latest bust which was worth $700,000 of illegal drug money, and proudly talks about his confident attitude on taking down criminals.

From the very beginning, each character did a great job at making their situation known. Walt was in dire need of an answer and came up with meth.

Jesse was a light-humored kid just trying to get by, and Hank was on the opposite side of the law and made it clear that he was going to be chasing them. The line was spoken very causally to Walt during the first episode of the first season and is incredibly significant.

It portrays Hank’s no-nonsense and confident attitude as a DEA Agent, but also ensures that viewers are aware of the tension that creeps in between them when Walt begins his business venture.

29. “Let Me Die in Peace” S5E7

  • Scene Summary: “Say My Name” follows a lot of tense situations. From Walter and Declan discussing business terms, to Jesse trying to get the money he deserves from Walt but is brushed off, to Walt and Mike having a fight which causes Walt to shoot Mike.

As the seasons go on, Walt starts to become a bit more like a villain, turning into something that you don’t recognize when looking back in season one.

When Mike and Walt fight, Mike scolds Walt for his egotistical behavior and accuses him of ruining their ideal situation working for Gus Fring. Walt can’t handle his rage and ends up shooting Mike.

Mike tries to get away, but with his severe wound, he’s unable to and comes to terms with his end. Walt tries to apologize, but Mike just brushes him off, saying that he wants to “die in peace,” very in character.

28. “They’re Minerals, Marie! Jesus!” S4E3

  • Scene Summary: “Open House” follows Skyler who convinces Walt to buy the car wash while Walt is in a meeting with Saul. And then Marie resumes her streak of kleptomania since she’s still angry and frustrated with Hank’s continuous cold shoulder.

While this line is a throwaway line mostly and has nothing to do with the main storyline but is a line that continues to pop up along the story. Hank loves collecting geodes and is often seen purchasing several packages of them throughout the seasons.

And like several people who are not familiar with the hobby, Marie refers to them as rocks, to which Hank always replies with some sort of idea of “They’re minerals, Marie!”, a lovely interaction between the two that makes viewers chuckle.

27. “Yeah! Magnets!” S5E1

  • Scene Summary: “Live Free or Die” follows Walt as he needs to destroy evidence that he was the person who killed Gus. He and Jesse scavage the area to make sure he’s clean of the crime, and when he finally thinks he got it all, he remembers the cameras and the footage on the laptop. To make sure that the laptop is wiped clean, they come up with a plan of magnets.

Through this 3-minute-long clip, the quote happens at 2:25, where Jesse is just overall ecstatic that the plan worked. His good humor and personality are just hilarious to watch, and his overexcitement that a large magnet managed to mess up a computer is too funny.

Walt powers on the magnet, and as Jesse moves closer to the trailer, the computer shuts down and eventually gets pulled toward the trailer. And he whoops in joy at the revelation.

26. “You’re an Insane, Degenerate Piece of Filth, and You Deserve to Die” S2E2

Imdb Best Breaking Bad Quotes, Breaking Bad
  • Scene Summary: “Grilled” is the second episode of the second season and follows the kidnapping by Tuco Salamanca against Walter and Jesse who are held in a desert hideout where he takes his uncle Hector. It didn’t take long for Walt to get the upper hand, however, and take Tuco down.

Walt manages to poison Tuco’s food with the ricin he has prepared, but Hector notices and knocks the plate out of the way.

When Tuco realizes Walt and Jesse are plotting against him, he takes them outside, holds a gun to Jesse’s head, and forces Walt to confess. But thankfully, Jesse overpowers him when Tuco is distracted, letting Walt and Jesse get the upper hand.

There are very few moments where Walt was actually better than his meth peers, and this is one, as he explains that they definitely plotted to poison Tuco because he’s an “insane, degenerate piece of filth.”

25. “Ah, Like I Came to You, Begging to Cook Meth” S4E12

Imdb Best Breaking Bad Quotes, Breaking Bad
  • Scene Summary: “End Times” follows Walt when he gets investigated. While his family stays with the Scraders, Walt stays behind to deal with whatever happens. When Jesse confronts Walt at his house, he not only is the one that has a bit more reason in the relationship between the two, but also delivers one of the most heartbreaking quotes in Breaking Bad history.

As a reminder, Jesse never really agreed to cook meth with Walt. Walt made sure that Jesse would agree, as he threatened to go to the police about Jesse.

I’m sure there were not very many days that Jesse didn’t hate Walt for that, as he was just rolled through it and dragged along. Even with such a sad quote, Jesse sticks to his humor and does what he enjoys doing, putting Walt down.

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24. “Say You Want This” S5E16

  • Scene Summary: For the franchise finale, there’s no doubt that there will be several lines that deserve a spot on the best Breaking Bad quotes in the franchise, and this is just one of many. “Felina” is where everything comes to a head or closes out perfectly, and one scene that makes everyone sit on the edge of their seats is when Walt breaks Jesse out of prison that he was in at Jack’s compound.

It’s the last episode of the franchise, and there is so much more violence to be had, as well as spoilers. Walt goes to Jack’s compound where he kills everyone, and eventually gets the key to Jesse’s cell, in which he hopes that Jesse will end up killing Walt.

Jesse holds the gun up and yells that he wants to hear the words, hear that Walt wants to die. But even with him saying so, Jesse is unable to, and ends up leaving in Todd’s El Camino (which leads to the movie, El Camino), leaving Walt to die from his wounds at the compound.

23. “You’re My Free Pass” S3E7

  • Scene Summary: “One Minute” is the seventh episode of the third season and follows a furious Hank. He is tricked about his wife being in the hospital, so he goes to Jesse’s place and knocks him out cold. When the paramedics arrive and wheel Jesse to the hospital, Hank stands frozen as he is in shock at what he’s just done. Walter and Saul meet Jesse at the hospital where Jesse delivers one of the most intense lines of the franchise.

Breaking Bad is all about the twists and turns, loyalty and revenge, trust and lies. And this scene shows off one of those dire moments when everything could crumble with one person.

Jesse blames Walt for his predicament, however, Walt says that Jesse would be in jail right now if Walt didn’t call the fake tip of Hank’s wife being in the hospital. Jesse then claims that he’s planning on making Hank’s life miserable.

Jesse then says that he’ll hand Walt over to the DEA if they plan on intervening, and looks directly into Walt’s eyes as he says, “you’re my free pass,” with so much venom, taking Walt aback.

22. “If I can’t kill you, you’ll sure wish you were dead” S4E1

Imdb Best Breaking Bad Quotes, Breaking Bad
  • Scene Summary: “Box Cutter” is the season four premiere and follows Jesse who has killed Gale to foil Gus’ plot to kill them under Walt’s order. Jesse is found and is brought back to the lab where they’re holding Walt.

When Gus arrives at the lab, he stays quiet, even when Walt launches into a monologue that Gus needs them alive to cook. To the others’ surprise, Gus grabs a box cutter and slices Victor’s throat. He then looks at Jesse and Walt and tells them to go back to work without another word.

At breakfast, Jesse and Walt relive the experience and determine that killing Gale was the right move, however, Walt believes that Gus will kill them the next chance that he gets.

However, Jesse, in good humor, says that they’re all on the same page now, though, and when Walt questions his meaning, Jesse responds with the page that says, “If I can’t kill you, you’ll sure wish you were dead,” one of the best Breaking Bad quotes yet.

21. “If you’re committed enough, you can make any story work” S3E11

Imdb Best Breaking Bad Quotes, Breaking Bad
  • Scene Summary: “Abiquiu” starts with Walter trying to pay off his drug money but is finding it hard to come up with it. When Skyler mentions money laundering, Walt looks to Saul for advice, as he’s done that previously. The two think of a plan and go to a car wash parking lot to talk about the potential investment.

This is what I told myself during college when I had a paper due at midnight but is also one of the best Breaking Bad quotes from the entire franchise. Saul Goodman is an incredibly entertaining individual in the series and has some of the best lines.

Most of his throwaway lines have actually grown into a full backstory in the Better Call Saul series, the spin-off of Breaking Bad. One such line is when he talks to Walt when they are planning on buying the Bogdan’s car wash, and he tells the importance of a story isn’t that others believe, but if you believe it yourself.

20. “Well, technically, chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change” S1E1

  • Scene Summary: The first episode shows Walt in his natural element, as an underpaid, overqualified chemistry teacher who enjoys what he does, but wants a bit more out of life. That being said, it’s also a great spot where we get a chilling quote for those who have seen the show already and are rewatching it.

It’s amazing that Walt delivers the line that while chemistry is the study of matter, he prefers “to see it as the study of change,” because who really changes the most in this show? Walt.

From the first season, throughout to the final, Walt changes drastically. From a stuck-up man trying to make a better future for his family, to a selfish, egotistical person who believes he is the one above others, to the final version where he finally sees all of his horrible flaws and just accepts them. His character development turns for the worst throughout the franchise and is one reason why everyone can’t get enough of this show.

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19. “A Man Provides” S3E5

  • Scene Summary: “Más,” the fifth episode of season three follows several stories, with Hank working tirelessly to find the rolling meth lab RV that Jesse and Walt have, all while Walt and Jesse are trying to be bought by Gus who wants them to work for him. While Walt refuses Gus, that doesn’t stop him for pushing his offers at them.

Walt visits Gus at the chicken restaurant in town, Los Pollos Hermanos, where Walt admonishes him for giving Jesse’s half of the money to him in an attempt for Walt to work for Gus.

Of course, Gus admits to that ploy and apologizes, but offers to Walt to take a drive with him. In a final attempt to get Walt to work for him, Gus takes him to his meth lab which is discreetly housed within an industrial laundry facility.

While Walt is impressed with the lab, he’s still unsure and declines the offer. Gus doesn’t give up, however, and begins his speech about how a man provides for his family, and if that’s what Walt wants, then he’s the best way to get it. And of course, Walt truly did want to support his family at the beginning of the franchise, however, he’s starting to take a selfish turn and doesn’t take the bait.

18. “You Two Suck at Peddling Meth” S2E11

Imdb Best Breaking Bad Quotes, Breaking Bad
  • Scene Summary: The eleventh episode of the second season, “Mandala” follows Jesse and Walt who meet with Saul Goodman to discuss their business ventures. Goodman helps the guys find a decent distributor to help them get their business going and the two will eventually meet Gus Fring down the road through a chicken restaurant called Los Pollos Hermanos.

While the concept of producing meth with your former student sounds promising, it can be hard to get started in that business, especially if it’s already incredibly saturated in the area.

While it’s not at all like starting a small business, it’s still pretty tricky! But thankfully, Jesse and Walt have Saul on their side, who always has time to stay something a bit sassy.

One such moment is when Saul simply says how bad the two are at peddling meth, which is hilarious. While both characters make some of the best out there, they’re not good at selling it. But thankfully, Saul is on the case to help them get their foot in the door a bit better.

17. “Fight Me and Die” S4E10

Imdb Best Breaking Bad Quotes, Breaking Bad
  • Scene Summary: “Salud” is the fourth season, tenth episode, and sees Jesse, Mike, and Gus traveling to Mexico to teach the Cartel how to cook high-quality meth, who are incredibly impressed by their skills and knowledge. But once Jesse hears that he now belongs to the cartel, he’s mortified, but Mike ensures that they will be returning home. Later, Jesse, Mike and Gus are brought to Don Eladio’s residence, where Hector killed Gus’ partner several years earlier, causing a highly intense scene.

Don Eladio is Gus’ mortal enemy, even if they are his business partner, but that doesn’t stop him from killing them all.

When he poisons the tequila that they all are drinking, he makes sure to force himself to vomit so he does not succumb to the same fate as his enemies. When he sees the rest are standing, he stays firm and warns them to either fight him or die, even though he’s on his last leg as well.

16. “No More Half Measures” S3E12

  • Scene Summary: The quote is also in the title of the episode, “Half Measures,” the twelfth episode of the third season, and focuses on Skyler pushing Walt to accept her plan of laundering the money through a car wash, Walt planning on jailing Jesse and Mike visiting Walt at his home. With so much going on, there’s definitely going to be some amazing Breaking Bad scenes and quotes.

Walt believes that Jesse is about to do something rash, and in order to stop it, he visits Saul Goodman to plan on Jesse’s jailing to help cool him down. However, when Mike visits Walt at his house, he learns that Mike works for Gus, who would be pretty angry if Jesse was jailed.

Mike then dives into a story about him being a cop at one point, and this moment when he showed mercy to an alcoholic who killed his wife. Mike tells Walt he chose a “half measure” at the time instead of killing the husband and warns Walt “No more half measures.”

Not only is this a haunting story of Mike’s past, but for the third season, really pushes viewers to see that things are about to get so much more intense.

15. “Because I Say So” S5E1

  • Scene Summary: The first episode of the final season, “Live Free or Die,” follows Walt trying to destroy the evidence of him killing Gus. While he disposes most of the evidence, he remembers that the cameras around Gus’ lab could be incriminating, and must deal with that footage. Mike stumbles across Jesse and Walt as they work towards the evidence, and while Mike plans on killing Walt, Walt makes a case that the computer at the police station needs to be dealt with first.

An enraged Mike is terrifying, but thankfully Walt managed to get by with his plans of destroying evidence. As a plan to wipe clean all the information and incriminating footage of Walt, Jesse and Walt use a magnet on a computer to destroy it, ensuring that no one could track Walt to Gus.

And when Mike asks Walt how he knows that his plan worked, Walt simply just says “Because I say so.” This highlights his god-like complex. Both Jesse and Mike are looking a bit taken aback at that response, but Walt is keeping a steady face.

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14. “Just Because You Shot Jesse James, Don’t Make You Jesse James” S5E3

  • Scene Summary: “Hazard Pay” focuses on several scenes, but the one that has one of the best Breaking Bad quotes is between Walt and Mike. Mike combines the money that is earned from the first cook, but Walt is upset with how much is being given to the dealers and others, hoping to see more profit.

With so many people under their command, paying out most of your earnings to their wages is hard to see. And Walt wants a bit more money than he sees before him. Mike has the cut that is being given to Walt, and when Walt looks shocked, Mike talks about where it’s being divided. Mike’s henchmen get hazard pay, which usually costs more in terms of compensation.

While Walt relents, he observes that his earnings are less than when he was working with Gus, to which Mike simply says, “Just because you shot Jesse James, don’t make you Jesse James.” This takes him back to reality since he is not the main guy in charge. Walt needs to learn his place and this moment demonstrates that well.

13. “Tread Lighty” S5E9

  • Scene Summary: “Blood Money,” the ninth episode in the fifth and final season, has a lot of tense moments. One such moment is when Hank Schrader finds Walt’s copy of Leaves of Grass and finally puts together that Walt is Heisenberg all along. And once Walt notices that that copy is missing, he figures out that Hank found it, and now knows his identity. Walt’s fear is worsened when he discovers a Global Positioning System tracker on his car. When confronted, the conversation escalates, delivering one of the best Breaking Bad quotes.

Hank has been searching for Heisenberg through the whole franchise, so of course he’s going to get a bit perturbed when he realizes it’s been his brother-in-law the whole time.

When Walt confronts Hank about the tracking device on his car, Hank has a wild, blank expression on his face. Once they’re alone, Hank punches Walt and accuses him of being Heisenberg. Walt replies that it would be hard to prove that.

They fight, and eventually, Hank realizes that he doesn’t even know who Walt is anymore. Walt menacingly replies that Hank should “tread lightly” then, which is bone-chilling. Hank finally sees the real Walt, and viewers can see how much Walt has changed since the first season.

12. “If You Try to Interfere, This Becomes a Much Simpler Matter” S4E11

  • Scene Summary: “Crawl Space” is the eleventh episode of season four and follows Jesse as he drives Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut to a makeshift emergency room that Gus earlier prepared as they both are injured. Walt finds out that Jesse has been cooking meth and pleads to Jesse to work together with Walt to thwart Gus, but Jesse turns his back, still angry about their fight. Gus takes Walt out into the desert and fires him, giving us one of the best Breaking Bad quotes in the franchise.

After a pleading Walt is abducted by Gus, Walt finds himself in the desert where he is fired as well as threatened by Gus.

Walt wants to bring Jesse back with him to work on cooking meth with him, but Gus insists that Walt refrain from getting to Jesse. When Walt pushes the topic and tries to stand his ground, a ruthless Gus ensures that Walt understands his meaning by explaining that not only he will be affected, but so will his wife and children.

You can see Walt shaking at that response, and the coldness in Gus’ features tells us all that he will do what he needs to for Jesse to stay in his grasp. It’s a brutal scene where Walt once again realizes that he’s not always on top in the criminal underworld.

11. “He’s Just Gonna Break Bad” S1E1

  • Scene Summary: Arguably, the pilot is one of the most important episodes in a series. It not only has to catch the viewers’ attention quickly, give a lot of background and information, but promise them something big for future episodes. While you should never judge a book by its cover, most people do anyway, and the pilot is incredibly telling to see if it’s mildly interesting. Thankfully, Breaking Bad‘s pilot did a phenomenal job and brought so many viewers to the show. We met Walt, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer, and Jesse, a former student that is blackmailed into helping him produce meth to ensure his family is financially secure.

After Walt witnesses Jesse fleeing a crime scene, he tracks him down to blackmail him into working with him. Their interaction is a great introduction to the dynamic that these two have.

They have some amazing banter, and they get a whole new side of each other as they begin their criminal underworld business. Thanks to Walt’s chemistry background, he and Jesse produce some of the highest-quality meth.

But Jesse is still confused. During their initial talk about working together, Jesse questions why some old man wants to do this, why someone like an old chemistry teacher who has a stick up his rear is suddenly going to “break bad.” Not only does it explain the entire meaning of the show, but puts a clear image in the viewer’s head.

10. “I Did It for Me” S5E15

  • Scene Summary: The second to last episode of the final season, “Granite State,” worked on wrapping up the story nicely in a big bow, and boy, did it have some scenes. Everything is coming to a head, people are getting the closer they need or might not expected, and with it comes some amazing Breaking Bad quotes. In this episode, we see Walt working towards finalizing some last steps in his plan, but eventually feels defeated and calls the DEA to surrender himself.

At the start of the franchise, fans and viewers watched Walt grow a business to make sure his family was going to be financially stable once he was gone, believing that he was going to pass from cancer. His only focus was his family.

But as the seasons progressed, fans were able to see a more selfish side of him, taking things to a whole new level just for the thrill of it. In “Granite State,” fans hear that confession as he speaks with Skyler. She’s frustrated and urges Walt not to blame the family for him doing all of this criminal business, and Walt finally says that he did this all for himself, because he liked it, and he was good at it.

Plus, he felt alive. For a man diagnosed with cancer, he took this opportunity to feel more alive than ever, and let it consume him. Even speaking about it, while his face screams exhaustion and defeat, his tone is high and light, a great contrast that shows a whole lot of emotion in a few lines.

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9. “I Watched Jane Die” S5E14

  • Scene Summary: Season 5, episode 14, “Ozymandias” is the third-to-last episode of the season and holds one of the most brutal Breaking Bad quotes. So much happens in this episode, and one of it is when Walt gives away Jesse’s hiding spot and has Jack carry out his hit request, but before that, has him taken in to reveal the information he gives away to the feds. The gang detains Jesse in a cell and forces him to cook meth.

There are a lot of quotes within this show that portray power, and some that push to break someone apart. This Breaking Bad quote shows off Walter’s evil side and shows just how ruthless the man has become over the five seasons.

As Jesse is being hauled away to practically be tortured for information, Walt stops him and spitefully explains how he watched Jane (Jesse’s girlfriend) die. How Walter watched her overdose and explained how he could have saved her but didn’t. Jesse is already crying and begging for mercy, but once Walter says this, you can see the fight leave his body, the way he slumps and just lets himself get pulled away.

This is definitely not a power play, but something he wants Jesse to sit on and remember just how vile Walter, his partner, has become in this world.

8. “My Name Is ASAC Schrader” S5E14

  • Scene Summary: Another great Breaking Bad quote from “Ozymandias” but this one is said by Hank. In this episode, we see Hank Schrader wounded in a shootout with Jack’s Brotherhood, and when Jack prepares to kill Hank, Walt comes in and begs Jack to spare him.

There is a lot of death in Breaking Bad, but that is normal in the criminal underworld. What’s even worse is when your family is brought in with it.

Hank, Walter’s brother-in-law, is intertwined with this world, as he’s part of the DEA, and has constantly been chasing after Walter without realizing it. Even with Hank wounded underneath the barrel of a gun, he still has some amazing lines that keep him from being weak and powerless.

Even in the face of death, he owns it. His last line is making sure people remember him, and it’s incredibly powerful. And with his death, we see Walter falling to the ground in anguish for yet another death.

7. “I’m Not in the Meth Business. I’m in the Empire Business” S5E6

  • Scene Summary: “Buyout,” the sixth episode of season 5, talks about the proposal of leaving the business, and brings one of the best Breaking Bad quotes to viewers. When Walt is presented with the opportunity to sell stolen methylamine, amounting to $5 million each, Jesse tries to encourage Walt to take the opportunity, however, Walt refuses.

At the beginning of the franchise, it was obvious that a cancer-ridden Walt was doing anything in his power to set his family up financially for his impending death. He had an exact dollar amount in mind that he wanted to try and reach.

But as the seasons went on, it became obvious that Walter wanted much more, knowing that he could achieve greater things. And now when the opportunity to get $5 million is right around the corner, Walter dismisses it, even though a frustrated and tired Jesse wants to accept. Walter talks about their challenges and says that through all their hard work, they are not selling out, because he wants to create an empire.

From season 1 to season 5, this is one of the many moments where you can see the change in Walter and see that he is a different person. You can also see the change in Jesse, who is tired of seeing people die and want to quit before it’s too late.

6. “This Is My Own Private Docile and I Will Not Be Harassed” S2E7

  • Scene Summary: “Negro y Azul,” translated to Black and Blue, is the seventh episode of the second season, and opens up to the band Los Cuates de Sinaloa performing the song “Negro y Azul.” The episode follows Walt who goes to Jees’ apartment since he wasn’t able to contact him, and finds that he’s been locking himself in his home and smoking after Spooge’s murder. With the rumor going around that Jesse was the one that killed Spooge, Jesse finds out that people are actually afraid of him, which Walt exploits to expand their operation.

From the start, Jesse is one of the bravest characters in Breaking Bad, and also says some of the most hilarious things in the show. As one of the best Breaking Bad quotes, we see Jesse defending himself in his home.

When Hank traces the RV to Jesse and orders him to open up, Jesse refuses and manages to add his own spin. This gives the viewers an amazing interaction of Walt looking at Jesse dumbfounded, and Jesse seeming pretty pleased with himself.

Not only is this a great scene to laugh about, but really shows the loyalty and bravery that Jesse has, which goes in hand with one of his first scenes of jumping out of a window to escape the authorities.

5. “I Have Spent My Whole Life Scared…” S2E8

  • Scene Summary: The eighth episode of the second season, Better Call Saul, is also the title of the spin-off series, and holds one of the best Breaking Bad quotes in the franchise with a monologue from Walter. This episode sees Walt and Jesse kidnapping Saul to ensure that Brandon Mayhew, or Badger, who was arrested, doesn’t spill. But this also sees some amazing interactions between Walt and Hank.

It’s hard to choose the very best Breaking Bad quotes when you get closer to the number one spot because they’re all so powerful. Walt notices that Hank is holed up in his home, and offers to give him some motivational advice, which helps Hank leave the house, even while dealing with his panic attacks.

Walter talks about his constant fear throughout his life, but ever since he found out he had cancer, he stopped worrying so much. Even while watching crime dramas, there is always a bit of motivation to help you get through the day.

On one hand, this helps humanize an ever-changing Walter, and on the other hand, creates a bond between Walter and Hank, even though they’re on the opposite ends of the law, which of course, will create more tension down the road once Hank realizes Walter is the one he’s been after all along.

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4. “Waiting for the Cancer to Come Back” S5E4

  • Scene Summary: “Fifty-One” is the fourth episode of the fifth season and one with a lot of tension. One such scene is the conversation between Skyler and Walter where Skyler informs him that the kids are no longer living in the house until she and Walt resolve their issues. Walter, obviously hurt by the idea of his kids being gone, starts to get a bit frustrated, and a tense discussion breaks out.

Being the wife of a criminal is hard, and it seems like no matter how many times Skyler has pleaded, she’s just not heard and is left in the dark.

But this is how we get one of the best Breaking Bad quotes in the franchise, with Skyler being brutally honest about herself and how she is waiting for the cancer to come back.

It’s a brutal speech of her admitting that she is a coward, that she will never go to the police, or keep Walter out of the house or her life, and truly shows just how powerless she feels and is during their relationship. And basically, says that she will wait for his to pass, that it’s the only plan she has. It’s heartbreaking.

3. “I Am the One Who Knocks” S4E6

  • Scene Summary: “Cornered” is the sixth episode in season four, a season that has several amazing and important Breaking Bad quotes. The show focuses on another raid by the cartel on a Los Pollos Hermanos truck, and this time, two guards in the truck are killed by the truck’s exhaust being blown through the vents. We also see Skyler who is getting worried about Walter and suspects that he is in danger due to the death of Gale Boetticher, where we also get one of the best Breaking Bad quotes in the franchise.

Whether you’re a Breaking Bad fan or not, you have certainly heard the beginning of this quote. From hit TV show to TikTok, this is an iconic line starting at “Admit you’re in danger” by Skyler, to Walt’s response of “Who are you talking to right now?”

There are a few lines here that create such an amazing scene, not just the highlighted quote above. Walt certainly enjoys the power and has this sense that he’s above so many others. The way he speaks to his wife in this scene is just intimidating and tense.

“I am not in danger. I am the danger,” and the way his eyes go wide like he’s going wild is unbelievable acting. Walter White has an important role in his business, and he’s making sure everyone knows that he is in control, because he is the one who knocks.

2. “You Are Not the Guy” S4E5

  • Scene Summary: The fifth episode of the fourth season, “Shotgun,” follows Walter who is racing to Los Pollos Hermanos to confront Gus Fring about Jesse Pinkman’s disappearance. Worried about what will happen, he leaves a voicemail for his wife, Skyler, and his children saying that he loves them. Eventually, he learned that Jesse is with Mike Ehrmantraut, where we can also see their lovely interaction, giving us one of the best Breaking Bad quotes.

Mike Ehrmantraut is one of the best characters in the Breaking Bad franchise, and he has given us a lot of amazing quotes to dive into on this list today. But one of his best Breaking Bad quotes is when he talks to Jesse in his car during their pickups and gives him a quick lecture about “not being the guy.”

Not only does this put Jesse in his place a bit, but the quote had a lot of fans speculating who he was referring to. Now that the show has ended, fans have determined that he was always referring to Nacho, but at the time, it was one of the best quotes to talk about theories.

1. “Say My Name” S5E7

  • Scene Summary: The seventh episode of the fifth season, “Say My Name,” originally titled “Everybody Wins” shows Walter, Jesse, and Mike meeting with Declan, their Phoenix-based competitor. Instead of accepting Declan’s offer to purchase the heisted methylamine, Walter offers a counterproposal: to sell his superior product through Declan’s distribution network in exchange for a substantial share of the business. During their interaction, the title of the episode is repeated in their conversation, and it’s enough to give you chills.

The best Breaking Bad quote is shown in the clip above, specifically at the two-minute mark, where Declan and Walter exchange their proposals. When Walter offers his proposal, Declan seems to be a bit nervous as to why such an offer is being given, so he asks Walter who he is.

Walter, while loving the dramatics, basks in the glory of being one of the best in the game, and prompts Decland to say his name, as he’s pretty well-known. And when Decland softly says it, Walter almost grins, and responds with “You’re right!” It’s a power move and puts him on top of his competitors.

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What is Breaking Bad About?

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular shows and took the world by storm when it premiered in 2008.

The show ran for 5 seasons and has a spin-off show and movie associated with it. Breaking Bad follows a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He then turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine with a former student in order to secure his family’s future.

Where to Watch Breaking Bad?

If you want to jump into the adventure of Breaking Bad, you can find it on Netflix.

Netflix Subscription Information

Netflix has three subscription options that you can choose from.

– Standard with Ads allows you to the majority of movies and shows that are available with unlimited mobile games. You can watch everything on 2 supported devices at a time in Full HD. This is only $6.99 a month, one of the cheaper options.

– Standard allows you to watch unlimited movies, shows and mobile games with no ads. You can watch with 2 supported devices at one in Full HD, plus you can download on 2 devices at a time. You also have the option to add 1 extra member who doesn’t live with you. You can have this membership for only $15.49 a month, with any extra member being an additional $7.99 a month.

– Premium is the same as Standard, however, you get 4 supported devices, can watch in Ultra HD, can download on 6 supported devices, and have the option to add 2 extra members who don’t live with you. This is $19.99 a month, with any additional member being $7.99 a month.