Credit: Apple TV+

In a surprising turn of events, it appears Apple TV+ may have more subscribers than Disney+ and Hulu. This is according to the Wall Street Journal, who has reported on the following estimates from Ampere Analysis:

  1. Apple TV+, 33.6 million subscribers
  2. Hulu, 31.8 million subscribers
  3. Disney+, 23.2 million subscribers

Considering Apple TV+ launched less than 2 weeks before Disney+ and the huge amount of publicity The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda have generated for the streaming service, these numbers (if accurate) are a big surprise.

Right now these numbers are only estimations, with official numbers likely to be announced during quarterly investor calls.

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Apple being modest

So much attention has been paid to Disney+ and their phenomenal rate of growth that everyone, myself included, was blinkered to Apple TV+.

The logic is that, if the giant corporation had impressive numbers like Disney+, they’d announce it. The fact nothing was announced seemed like a damning admission of failure.

Instead, it appears Apple was just being modest. Absolutely nonchalant to the streaming wars. It’s impressive, just like some of their original content.

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Apple TV+ remains better than Disney+

Apple TV+’s original content has surprised me, in a good way. My first impression was that their content would be socially agenda-driven. Instead, I’ve been unable to stop watching See, Servant, and The Morning Show. Each is different, with fantastic performances, and gripping storylines that compel you to come back for more. In comparison, the only original content worth watching on Disney+ has been The Mandalorian.

In real-world numbers, Apple TV+ got three months of subscription money from me vs. Disney’s two. Considering Apple TV+ has no back catalog and Disney+ has decades worth, this simple observation showcases the importance of new content and the scale of Disney+’s problem in 2020.

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