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The Mandalorian always seemed to be the driving force behind Disney+. Now that Season 1 is over and some people are unsubscribing, the lack of weekly episodes makes the service feel tragically empty. All signs point to the service needing to juggle content, and they’ve already begun.

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WandaVision and Season 2

The good news for us fans of great original content is that by Disney+ juggling their content to fill empty periods throughout 2020, we’ll get more original shows quicker.

Firstly, it was announced by show creator Jon Favreau that Season 2 of The Mandalorian would be coming Fall 2020. Fantastic news for Star Wars fans.

Secondly, Marvel’s WandaVision has been moved forward to 2020 from 2021. Nothing is really known about the show, other than it is about core characters Scarlet Witch (Wanda) and Vision. Both of whom played big parts in Marvels recent The Avengers movies, but it’s unclear where this fits in the larger Marvel live-action continuity.

Laziness, or arrogance?

In a previous article, I wrote that Disney+ was phoning in 2020; it would be a year of tactical laziness. The plan appeared to hook people on subscription bundles, while just opening up their vault of content.

Looking at January 2020, I was wrong. This isn’t tactical laziness. Rather, it’s arrogance. Although…

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Arrogance, or stupidity?

Disney+ has recently pulled movies like Home Alone without giving consumers clear notice. This is a sign of arrogance, just like thinking their vault is enough to keep people engaged. However, it could also be considered that the decisions being made are stupid.

It sounds unfeasible, because Disney+ has grown to have tens of millions of subscribers in only a few months. On the other hand, this could be marketing money and the power of the Disney brand alone. Parents are always desperate for cheap babysitting.

One thing is certain: at this point Disney+ looks like a service making mistakes and figuring things out on the fly. In 2020, Disney+ need to juggle content and make the service interesting for consumers all year round.

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