Credit: Disney+

Will Disney+ crash day one? Let me consult my Magic 8-Ball…


It’s so certain it’s shouting at me. I don’t remember this thing having a voice…So why the certainty? If you’ve already signed up to Disney+ and have no interest in Verizon, skip right to Disney’s secret sauce.

If you haven’t signed up and are looking for a deal, or already have Verizon, you may want to check these links out.

Disney+ has a secret sauce

Disney’s been a smart mouse. In August 2017 it gobbled itself up a majority stake in BAMTech, LLC.

BAM for short, is a world-leader in direct-to-consumer streaming. They’re the dudes and dudettes who run live streaming for the MLB Network, WWE Raw and ESPN. They’re heavy hitters in streaming technology. How do I know? It cost Disney a whopping $1.58 billion to acquire an additional 42 percent.

Throw in the following juicy facts and it’s easy to be confident Disney+ wont turn into Swiss cheese day one.

Despite having this 99.9 percent confidence in the service, there might be one issue. A “surprise consumer demand!”

Will Disney+ crash?

When shite hits the fan with super popular services, it’s always the login server. Too often they collapse under a “surprise” demands weight. How Disney could end up caught out is beyond me — but we’re talking what if’s only here.

The good news is if you make your account in advance, you’ll miss any surge. Despite there only being a 0.01 percent chance Disney+ will crash, I’m not risking missing The Mandalorian pilot episode!

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