Verizon Offers Disney Deal
Credit: Verizon logo

That’s right. Verizon offers Disney+ deal, already! The streaming service that isn’t out yet is buddying up with an “official” wireless partner. Whatever that means.

The only thing we want is better deals. And that’s what this partnership means. Hurray! If you’re looking for a new cell contract, an upgrade, or already have a Verizon bundle this deal is for you.

A free year of Disney+

That’s right. Verizon is offering a year of Disney+ if you become a customer on one of these services.

  • 4G LTE
  • 5G Unlimited
  • Fios Broadband
  • 5G Home Wireless Internet

A year’s subscription to Disney+ is worth $84. So if you were planning on getting one of the above services and Disney+ this is an absolute steal!

Check out Verizon’s press release for more information.

What about existing customers?

Existing Verizon customers can stop panicking. Verizon and Disney have got you covered. If you’re already on one of Verizon’s listed services you can still get this deal! Rejoice in the fact this isn’t exclusive to new customers like most deals.

But what about Verizon customers who have already brought a Disney+ year-long subscription? No problem say’s Verizon. Your purchased year will pause and start running after this Verizon Disney+ deal runs out. They really have covered everything.

The future of Disney+?

It’s obvious Disney wants to dominate the streaming market. They’ve already acquired 21st Century Fox in a $71.3bn deal. And have spent $100 million creating a Star Wars TV show called The Mandalorian. You can see our bold predictions for the show here.

Morgan Stanley has projected that Disney+ will have 13 million subscribers by the end of 2020. And 130 million by 2024! So expect to see more than Verizon offering a Disney+ deal in the not-so-distant future.

Enjoy the Disney+ streaming trailer below.