Disney+ Has More Problems Than Missing Functions
Credit: WikiCommons

Disney+ has added a resume and restart option to its service. Shame they can’t add more minutes to The Mandalorian.

If you want something with a little more angst, stick around, it’s about to kick off.

Disney+ listening to feedback

It’s groovy that Disney+ are listening to feedback, but how about listening to some more…

27 minutes sucks!

That’s right, “Chapter 2” of Disney+’s The Mandalorian was 27 minutes long once you take away its four minutes of credits.

Yes, the show is great, but let this sink in for a minute. The credits are 14 percent of the episode.

Between episodes one and two, we’ve had about an hour! We have six episodes left from a show that cost $100 million. Disney clearly spends like a government!

We’ll get 4 hours of “The Mandalorian

If you said pre-launch “The Mandalorian will last four hours you’d think it was five or six episodes. Or two Star Wars movies.

Here’s the problem.

Disney spent $100 million, that’s $25 million per hour on a show that the average cord-cutter could binge through in an afternoon.

Here’s why it’s weekly: they’ve got nothing else.

This is why I’m ranting. The show’s great but it’s a sign of what Disney+ is going to be: A platform reliant on back catalog, trickle-down theatrical releases, and a horrid drip-feeding of exclusives.

Disney+ isn’t all that

Forget the fact they’re meddling with The Simpsons, or that they launched without a resume and restart function. Focus on what else they have in development? An Obi-Wan show, maybe. They have a Loki show. That’s it.

There will be huge gaps between good, exclusive content — and knowing that is painful, because they’ve got Star Wars!

If Disney spends $1 billion per year on exclusive content at the same rate as The Mandalorian, they’ll have about 40 hours of exclusively Disney+ content in 2020.

To put that into context, Stranger Things‘ first three seasons is 18 hours long. That’s one show from hundreds of Netflix exclusives, with more coming out constantly. Who is doing more for subscribers?

I’m calling it already: Disney+ is for babysitting.