The Best Hbo Max Tv Shows Streaming At Launch
Credit: BBC / Ricky Gervais

Today on Binge Kill Chill, TC and Swaggy-D take a look at the best HBO Max TV shows available at launch, May 27.

Picking out all-time greats including The Sopranos, Deadwood, and Friends for the BKC treatment.

The guys also dig into the entire TV show collection, highlighting what’s a binge, and what’s a kill in the process. Some of the best include The Office (UK), Top Gear, and Game of Thrones.

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Binge Kill Chill Definitions

The Best HBO Max TV shows Streaming At Launch 3

DISCLAIMER: The above ratings are for review purposes only. A Kill rating does not mean we wish harm to anyone involved in the production of a movie or show. It solely means that a movie or show belongs in the trash.

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A Strange Launch

There’s something you need to know about HBO Max at launch and that’s unless you’re subscribing for something specific like Friends, or The Big Bang Theory, it’s underwhelming.

The Max Originals at launch are weak. There’s an Anna Kendrick series called Love Life that has a Sex and the City vibe, just for a younger audience. Plus, a documentary about a music producer coming forward about sexual misconduct in the music industry called On The Record.

That’s it, unless you want kid shows or Craftopia? It’s a strange launch for sure.

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BBC Off-Cuts

Another oddity about the HBO Max TV launch line-up is that there’s a weird BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) vibe to it.

Some of what they’ve picked up makes sense. The Office (UK) is fantastic, plus Luther and Top Gear are great shows. However, many of the others are oddball and less well-known.

Perhaps they’re for a younger audience?

However, we can’t help but think it was to hit five digits in their marketing stats. For example, HBO Max has 10,000 hours of TV content. Around 500 of those must be from the BBC.

In a report, HBO signed 700-BBC-episodes under a non-exclusivity deal, and that’s not even including the 11-years of Dr. Who episodes they snapped up.

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HBO’s Best TV Shows

Despite the underwhelming amount of Max Originals at launch and the weird BBC vibe, Max still has all the great shows made by HBO.

If you’ve never had an HBO platform and you’ve never seen some of their best shows, including Boardwalk Empire, Chernobyl, The Wire, Succession, et al. Now is the time to subscribe, especially as there’s a huge movie library and much more incoming on June 1.

However, if you’ve had a HBO platform before, prepare to feel exactly as we do, and that’s a little underwhelmed at launch.

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