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Disney CEO Bob Iger said during their Q1 earnings call that the short-term future of Star Wars is on the TV screen. After The Mandalorian‘s success on Disney+, it’s no big surprise.

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In terms of impact, The Mandalorian was temporarily the world’s most in-demand show and Baby Yoda (The Child) literally owned the internet. More importantly for Disney is that the little green cutey is a merchandise cash cow. Throw in subscriptions, and focusing Star Wars on TV looks like a recipe for positive attention and big bucks.

Disney putting their schedule right

Despite an amazing launch, the original content, with the exception of The Mandalorian was poor and sparse. There was nothing on the horizon, except for The Clone Wars Season 7. Disney fixed that.

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The once-empty 2020 slate now has big brands coming, including Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision. We’ll even see Season 2 of The Mandalorian in 2020. Some of these shows were originally planned for 2021 but Disney is already filling next year with more big IPs — including, Marvel’s Loki and Hawkeye.

Disney is changing my opinion on its streaming service, and with more Star Wars TV shows in its future, consider this geek intrigued.

Future Of Star Wars Is On Tv Says Bob Iger
Credit: Lucasfilm and Disney

The Star Wars series we’re hoping for

As a fan, seeing the Star Wars universe before the Jedi Order is the most interesting thing Disney could create. Its time for Disney to put its Star Wars origin story in stone.

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The first season could be a coming-of-age story, mixing religious awakening with Force powers. Show us who, what, when, and how it began. It could easily have the same tone as The Mandalorian: a mix of Mad Max and Western. Think The Magnificent Seven meets Chronicle (without the shaky cam).

Perhaps the story could show us how this band of heroes came together and ultimately disband as Force powers grow. Not only could Disney show the Jedi origin, but also the Sith. Add in some family rivalry, and it could easily fit the core story of the Skywalker saga.

One thing it must have, however, is the first construction of a lightsaber. We need to see some faces the first time someone blocks blaster fire. That would be worth the Disney+ subscription on its own.

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