Ranking &Quot;The Mandalorian&Quot; Vs. Marvel Superheroes
Credit: Disney+

Disney+ launched The Mandalorian to great success, but how does the titular protagonist stack up with the main Marvel superheroes?

The new streaming service also has most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe catalog on hand. It makes for easy reference trying to see where the latest Star Wars hero stacks up.

We’re only counting superheroes from the MCU who’ve had a primary role in more than one film. Without further ado, find out where Mando ranks!

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1) Iron Man

The genius billionaire playboy philanthropist kicked everything off, and had the most epic sendoff imaginable in Avengers: Endgame by officially saving half the universe from Thanos and his forces of darkness.

What more needs to be said? We know Tony Stark deserves the No. 1 spot.

2) Captain America

No one has been more consistently virtuous than Cap. Steve Rogers did get his powers from a science experiment, yet that never went to his head.

The ego-free, selfless, sensible Avengers leader had a triumphant MCU run. He even wielded Thor’s hammer in the grand Phase 3 finale.

3) Thor

The God of Thunder has always been something of a reluctant leader. He falls back into arrogance at times, and isn’t one for peaceful negotiations.

But his power skill set, redemptive storyline in Endgame, ability to overcome immense loss — he lost his whole family and world — and staying power in the MCU place Thor in the top three.

4) Doctor Strange

Perhaps the most intriguing character in the MCU moving forward, Stephen Strange’s charge to protect the Time Stone has massive implications.

This man can move through dimensions and guards all realities against the forces of darkness. He’ll probably be in the running for a higher ranking depending on what happens in the next several films.

5) Hulk

No one else from Earth could’ve rocked the Infinity Gauntlet and lived to tell about it. Hulk did just that, and saved half the universe — at least for some moments.

With super strength, super size, super intellect and a way to control his rage, Bruce Banner earned himself a top-five spot despite only one early, not-so-great standalone movie.

6) Black Panther

T’Challa is the man. He burst onto the scene and largely stole the show in Captain America: Civil War. Unlike Stark, he doesn’t need his vibranium-lined suit to show off superpowers.

While his initial motivations are pure vengeance, by the time his standalone movie comes and goes, Black Panther evolves into a leader. He has one of the better arcs among core MCU superheroes to date — and still has more to come!

7) Ant-Man

Sure, he needed a divine interventionist rodent to bring him back from the Quantum Realm in Endgame, but Scott Lang showed up when he needed to.

Starting off his journey as a petty criminal, Ant-Man evolved over two standalone films. Then, he came through with the key technology to reverse The Snap. Good on you Scotty. Plus, he has a stomach and will of steel to handle all those size transformations despite no innate superpowers.


This is the way! Mando checks in at No. 7, partially in part due to his upside after only one TV season. Much is still unknown about his origins, but we do know he isn’t from Mandalore.

Mando earns his badass Beskar armor, is a fantastic flier of spaceships, is an excellent hand-to-hand combat warrior and has a lethal blaster shot. He’s also a loving father figure to Baby Yoda, so extra points for that!

The Mandalorian could easily pass more Marvel heroes depending how Season 2 of Star Wars’ first live-action TV series unfolds.

9) Black Widow

She has red in her ledger, which we’ll find out more about in her upcoming standalone movie. Hard to judge Black Widow for that since we don’t know the extent of it.

What we do know is Natasha sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone in Endgame. She found her purpose and became a straight legend after that, hence her high place on her despite no special abilities.

10) Spider-Man

Let’s cut the web slinger a break — he’s just a kid. However, despite having a great, warm heart and incredible Spidey powers, Peter Parker is still getting in his own way too often.

Mr. Stark took away his suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Peter gave away his Stark technology to Mysterio in Far From Home. Not to mention, the villain revealed Peter’s identity to the public.


11) War Machine

Thanks to Vision’s wayward head cannon in Captain America: Civil War, Rhodes was nearly unable to walk again. Before that, he had no superpowers, and is a largely forgettable character.

The real MVP move came in the original Iron Man, where Rhodesy covered for Tony as he discovered himself. All that said, he’s a strong diplomatic force among the Avengers, which they need between all their infighting and temptation to circumvent government/global protocols.

12) Rocket Raccoon

Similar to the Mandalorian, Rocket is an ace pilot and a sweet blaster shot, but Marvel’s smallest superhero is extremely vulnerable given his size. Additionally, his wise-cracking gets the Guardians of the Galaxy in trouble more often than not.

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13) Falcon

Although he’s been tight with Cap for a long time and served on his guerilla clandestine military team, Falcon doesn’t have any superpowers. Also, he didn’t contribute a ton to the Infinity War and Endgame efforts.

But by the end of Endgame, Old Man Steve readily passed his shield down to Sam Wilson. That gives Falcon a boost above other heroes here.

14) Hawkeye

Well, Hawkeye has been around for a while. He helped stave off the attack on New York in The Avengers, and had a most interesting, dark Endgame arc.

Not sure he quite got redemption for his vigilante brand of justice. Then again, Thanos wiped out half the universe, including his whole immediate family. One can forgive Clint for being a little disenchanted.


15) Gamora

The fiercest assassin in the galaxy and the stepdaughter of Thanos, Gamora is not one to be trifled with. She makes the initial Soul Stone sacrifice in Infinity War, but she also helped Thanos during many of his conquests. That knocks her down several pegs in the superhero hierarchy.

Marvel never revealed the extent of Gamora’s unjust killings, but it’s fairly safe to say the Mandalorian isn’t near her innocent body count.

16) Scarlet Witch

She’s one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. Unfortunately, she has a dark side that, at its worst, resulted in civilian casualties in Civil War.

Apparently in the new WandaVision series, she’s retired to be with her beau. Of course, the story must move forward from there, but other than crumbling Thanos’ armor in Endgame, she’s made little good use of her immense abilities.

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17) Star-Lord

Sort of a Han Solo type if you will, Marvel’s Star-Lord is something of a bounty hunter and humanoid like the Mandalorian.

The big sin from Peter Quill, though: seeking vengeance against Thanos in Infinity War. He punches the titan awake as the group almost wrests away the Infinity Gauntlet, setting into motion the events that lead to The Snap.

18) Drax the Destroyer

He’s the Guardians’ muscle. Absolutely hilarious, dry humor makes Drax such a likeable character. But other than immense strength, he’s driven by vengeance, which clouds his judgment and puts his fellow heroes in a bind.

19) Vision

The aforementioned shot at Rhodes is probably Vision’s most memorable moment in the MCU. Unless you factor in when Thanos ripped the Mind Stone out of his head to kill him in Avengers: Infinity War.

Vision’s powers are seemingly limitless, yet also ambiguous. It leaves a lukewarm feeling about his character in general. Let’s see if WandaVision improves his outlook!