The Roku 4k Streaming Stick is a definite upgrade from previous Roku stick models and one of our top streaming devices in 2023. We know the streaming device market is crowded, with tons of entries from Amazon, Apple, and Google, which makes it a little hard to set yourself apart from the pack:

We also know that this streaming stick doesn’t look like it packs a powerful enough punch for your big-screen streaming needs. But, not only does it pack a punch for its size, but it is also ridiculously affordable.

Roku 4k Streaming Stick 2023 Review

If you are in the market for a new streaming stick and don't need the Apple or Google ecosystem, this Roku 4k Streaming Stick offers fantastic bang for your buck!

Editor's Rating:


  • The Roku 4k device supports HDR
  • Connect to iOS devices via Apple AirPlay
  • Unlock a massive ecosystem of content accessible to Roku devices
  • The device is ridiculously affordable


  • The device lacks Dolby Atmos and other audio features
  • The devices appears to push people to the Roku Streambar

Why The Roku 4k Streaming Stick Impresses

Simply put, all of Roku’s products stand out in our reviews thanks to their convenient features, impressive performance, and budget-friendly pricing. This latest model supports:

  • 4K HDR content (although your TV will need also need to support that content)
  • Apple AirPlay, for casting from an iOS or Mac device directly to your TV
  • It claims to provide 30% faster app boot times than previous Roku devices. And in our tests, the interface was smooth and the media loaded quickly.
  • Additionally, the media device can stream from Wi-Fi 2x faster, keeping up with the latest internet upgrades.
  • In our tests, the media stick was able to connect to our Wi-Fi regardless of distance from the router.

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What The Roku 4k Streaming Stick Lacks

Sadly, the device isn’t perfect, but at around $40 that is to be expected. We found the device lacks:

  • The latest audio standards, for example, it doesn’t support Dolby Atmos.
  • We found the device didn’t support any advanced audio settings, not even surround sound.
  • We believe this is to push users into buying the Roku Streambar (a soundbar with Roku built-in)

And seriously, that is where the negatives end.

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Roku 4k Streaming Stick Design

The Roku Stick maintains its basic, simple design that started years ago. Design features include:

  • You plug the Stick Plus into your TV’s HDMI port and connect it to power through a USB port with a USB cable. It is straightforward, and you don’t have multiple parts to struggle with.
  • Where this new Roku device improves on its design is in the remote control. With the tap of a button, you can voice search for any TV show or movie you want.
  • Additionally, if you’re watching late at night, you can listen privately by plugging your headphones into the headphone jack on the remote.
  • You can also power up your TV, adjust the volume, and control your Roku Streaming Stick with the Roku remote. The changes to the remote are probably the most significant changes made when it comes to design.

The best part of this simplicity is that if you are traveling somewhere, and you are not sure if they have a smart TV, you can take it with you. Staying in a hotel, they only have basic cable, plug in your Roku Stick, and now you have access to all the streaming services. It’s small and won’t take up much space in your luggage.

Is The Roku 4k Streaming Stick Worth Buying In 2023?

The Roku 4k Streaming Stick is a high-quality streaming device that gives you access to all the content you want. New Roku devices seem to improve with each release, and this streaming stick is no exception.

This is one of your best bets if you’re looking for a new streaming stick to play content from different streaming services at a ridiculously low price.