Perfect Match Season 2: A Shoddy Season With A Disastrous Ending
Credit: Netflix

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely enthralled with Perfect Match when it first aired in February of last year. Above all, the show seemed like Netflix’s attempt to create its own cast of C-list celebrities, something like the Bachelorverse or Bravo-lebrities, but the show was renewed and premiered Perfect Match Season 2 this month.

To do that, Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen put together an Avengers-style team of some of the most abrasive characters imaginable, such as Francesca Farago, a troublemaker who is Too Hot to Handle, and the obnoxious Shayne James Jansen from Season 2 of Love Is Blind. As tragic as one might anticipate, the outcome was occasionally quite hard to see.

Still, I have boldly clicked on Perfect Match Season 2, which concluded last Friday. And I have to admit, by some wonderful summer miracle, it’s far superior to the original. As usual, the love games are cruel, the personalities are bursting, and the emotions are running hot. The impact that a likable cast can have is astounding.

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A Familiar Premise

Perfect Match Season 2
Credit: Netflix

22 singles use Perfect Match Season 2 to find their true love through a series of make-out sessions by the pool and compatibility challenges. Every week, everyone plays a romantic version of musical chairs in couples; whoever is left without a match has to return home and hope that someone will bring them back to flirt later.

Our ringleader and seasoned Netflix dating show presenter Nick Lachey oversees the challenges, which decide which pair gets to invite new guests into the villa and set up dates for their rivals. Perfect Match Season 2 demonstrates that, despite its Valentine’s Day premiere, summer is actually the ideal time to release a show of this caliber. It’s a great, raucous vacation from reality, especially this season.

Season 2 got off to an incredible start, based on the first six episodes. Not only does the villa have a notorious player from Too Hot to Handle — the caddish Harry Jowsey — but, to add even more chaos, there’s Dom Gabriel, his pal who won Perfect Match Season 1 with Georgia Hassarati before she cheated on him with Harry! That won’t be weird at all, I’m sure of it.

Tolú Ekundare is upset that “Dom Cruise,” as he is called, is acting like a bad guy this season since she is prepared to fall in love after winning money on Netflix’s The Trust. Izzy Zapata, whose most memorable moment on Love Is Blind Season 5 came when he stated that he does not own any dishes or utensils and instead hosts women at his home with paper plates and Solo cups, is drawn to Micah Lussier, who on Love Is Blind Season 4 almost married a scientist with a house full of dead plants. 

But the true hero of this season may be Jessica Vestal, the fan-favorite single mother from Season 6 of Love Is Blind, who never hesitates to reprimand wayward males. Myles Reed, aka “Yung Papi Fuego” from The Circle Season 6, is a fantastic fit for this program, so my only casting gripe is that he isn’t included in the mix.

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Chaos and Drama

Perfect Match Season 2
Credit: Netflix

All in all, the mechanisms that sustain Perfect Match Season 2 continue to function unchanged. The kissing challenge, in which couples assess their physical chemistry by kissing while donning earmuffs and blindfolds, has been retained, which is crucial. While there isn’t as much drama as there was in the previous season, the outcomes are nonetheless ugly.

While we’re on the subject of chaos, let’s discuss Harry Jowsey. He couldn’t control himself on Too Hot to Handle, and now he’s upsetting everyone in the house with his disgusting player antics—especially the women. He just won’t act honorably, no matter how much Elys Hutchinson, another Too Hot to Handle alum, might urge him to settle down.

Nevertheless, perhaps Jessica can get him in shape. Izzy, on the other hand, seems to have even less game today than he did on Love Is Blind, which is bad given his main focus is on the wildly successful Micah. If I claimed I didn’t like watching him burn and crash, I would be lying.

This season, Alara Taneris from Netflix’s Dated and Related may be the true find. Although she lacks Francesca’s sultry H.B.I.C. energy from Season 1, she is undoubtedly the brunette that all the males are lusting for. Furthermore, didn’t it become a little monotonous to see the housemates’ passion after Francesca in the previous season? Everything feels much more equitable this time around, which is actually better to watch.

The formula for any of these shows is ultimately rather straightforward. Perfect Match Season 2 delivers on the promise that viewers come here to see sultry, tense reality stars play games and harm each other’s feelings in a low-stakes competition for bragging rights. Visit the villa to witness the sheer number of patterned shirts these men can pull off without buttoning them, and stay for the spontaneous flirty dances. This is the main focus of the summer television schedule.

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Perfect Match Season 2 Finale

Perfect Match Season 2
Credit: Netflix

In the Perfect Match season 2 finale, the couples had the opportunity to go on dates to further develop their relationships after being placed in their final matches. Even while the last couples’ pairings came as a surprise at times—Micah Lussier from Love Is Blind reuniting with Kaz Bishop from Dated & Related, for example—their final minutes together on TV were primarily about bonding. On their last dates, the couples resolved their differences, although it was obvious that there wasn’t much more for them to discuss than what had been seen on film.

Following the final vote, the mismatched couples and singles from the villa reunited to discuss who would make the ideal match and take home the golden prize. It was believed that the singles in the cast would want to make fun of some of the couples, so they were picky about who they intended to provide an all-expenses-paid vacation. The couples talked about themselves and Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal, who left Perfect Match Season 2 on bad terms, for the most part, however, there were instances when the couples were called out and questioned.

Following the voting, it was announced that the season’s perfect match was Nigel Jones and Christine Obanor, who had both appeared in previous seasons of Too Hot To Handle. Even though Christine and Nigel got along well, they had only matched a day or two earlier, therefore it was unusual for them to win alongside couples who had been together from the start of the season. Perfect Match season 2 turned an intriguing season into an unwatchable one by awarding the prize to the entirely wrong people, frustrating both the cast and viewers.

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Perfect Match Season 2



  • Cast includes returning favorites
  • Less unnecessary drama


  • Chaotic season
  • Wrong people won
  • Controversial cast