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If you want to know what’s new on Amazon Prime Video this April, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be able to stream all the classic James Bond movies in 4k, Rambo: Last Blood, and Hotel Artemis. Yet, if you’re like us, streaming junkies, you’ll be most interested in their originals.

Standouts include Tales from the Loop Season 1 and Bosch Season 6, releasing on the 3rd and 17th respectively.

Find out what else is new on Amazon Prime Video this April below.

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Amazon Prime Video Originals

  • April 3rd
    • Invisible Life (Amazon Prime Movie)
    • Tales From the Loop: Season 1 (Amazon Prime Series)
  • April 10th
    • Les Misérables (Amazon Prime Movie)
  • April 17th
    • Selah and the Spades (Amazon Prime Movie)
    • Bosch: Season 6 (Amazon Prime Series)
    • Dino Dana: Season 3B (Amazon Prime Series)

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Everything else coming to Netflix in April

  • April 1st
    • A View to a Kill (4K UHD)
    • Bangkok Dangerous
    • Bird Of Paradise
    • Blind Husbands
    • Broken Blossoms
    • Daniel Boone
    • Diamonds Are Forever (4K UHD)
    • Diary Of A Hitman
    • Die Another Day (4K UHD)
    • Dishonored Lady
    • Dollface
    • Dr. No (4K UHD)
    • Dr. T & The Women
    • Drums In The Deep South
    • For Your Eyes Only (4K UHD)
    • From Russia with Love (4K UHD)
    • Gator
    • Gods And Monsters
    • Goldeneye (4K UHD)
    • Goldfinger (4K UHD)
    • Gorky Park
    • Hotel Artemis
    • I Am Legend
    • Licence to Kill (4K UHD)
    • Live and Let Die (4K UHD)
    • Mark Of Zorro
    • Moonraker (4K UHD)
    • Mutiny
    • Never Say Never Again (4K UHD)
    • Octopussy (4K UHD)
    • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (4K UHD)
    • Repentance
    • Shirley Valentine
    • Son Of Monte Cristo
    • Tarzan The Fearless
    • The Bodyguard
    • The Boost
    • The Brothers Grimm
    • The Chumscrubber
    • The Hoodlum
    • The Living Daylights (4K UHD)
    • The Lost World
    • The Man with the Golden Gun (4K UHD)
    • The New Adventures Of Tarzan
    • The Sender
    • The Spy Who Loved Me (4K UHD)
    • The World is Not Enough (4K UHD)
    • Thunderball (4K UHD)
    • Tomorrow Never Dies (4K UHD)
    • You Only Live Twice (4K UHD)
  • April 10th
    • Rambo: Last Blood
  • April 14th
    • Vault
  • April 16th
    • The Lighthouse
  • April 20th
    • Paranormal Activity 3
  • April 29th
    • Footloose (2011)

Now you know what’s new on Amazon Prime Video this April, what will you be watching?

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