It seems like just yesterday that we wanted to know when Never Have I Ever season 4 would be released. The Netflix original is loved by many people not only because of the drama in Devi’s personal life but because of the many subplots. In this show, you’ll see Devi and her best friends go through different yet equally stressful teen struggles. While one friend is trying to come out to her friends and family, the other is dealing with a runaway mother.

Never Have I Ever embodies the fun of being a teen while covering real life situations that can both lighten or darken a mood. In this article, we’ll recap what has happened in the previous seasons so far and what you can expect in season 4, the final season ever. You will want to catch up on all the seasons on Netflix before season 4 gets released.

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Let’s Recap

Season 1

Never Have I Ever Season 4: What To Expect This Season
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In season 1, we meet Devi, a high school sophomore struggling to find herself after her father’s death. She lives with her older cousin Kamala and her overbearing but loving mother. Devi is determined to climb the social ladder with her besties, Eleanor, and Fabiola. She thinks finding a boyfriend will do the trick and sets her eyes on Paxton Hall- Yoshida as the perfect fit since he is popular. Devi makes her fair share of mistakes through the season, and season 1 leaves off with a cliffhanger when Paxton realizes his feelings for Devi. Devi and Ben end up kissing when Paxton tries calling Devi to pour his heart out. 

Season 2 

Never Have I Ever Season 4: What To Expect This Season
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Devi is confused about her feelings for Paxton and Ben in season 2. She comes up with a pro and con list to shed some light on who she should be with, but it doesn’t help. She thinks she is moving back to India with her mother, so she decides to date both boys while she still can. Paxton and Ben have no idea she is two-timing them both. She is able to make amends with them and ultimately, chooses to be with Paxton. At the same time, Paxton is treating her like a friend at school, which makes her unsure of her choices. When the winter ball approaches, Paxton asks Devi to be his girlfriend, and they both walk into the ball together, holding hands, and all eyes are on them. 

Season 3 

Never Have I Ever Season 4: What To Expect This Season
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In season 3, Devi struggles with the mean girls now that her relationship with Paxton is out. She has more doubt about her relationship when she gets a text saying, “Paxton isn’t who she thinks he is.” Paxton breaks up with Devi on Valentine’s Day when they aren’t paired during a school eHarmony matchmaking. While this is happening, Devi still has to choose if she will attend a prestigious Colorado school for her senior year. In the end, she decides she isn’t ready to leave her mom and won’t attend school in Colorado.

What to expect in Never Have I Ever season 4?

Never Have I Ever Season 4: What To Expect This Season
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In the trailer for Never Have I Ever season 4, we see Devi go to Ben’s room and kiss, which leads us to believe they hook up this season. We see a new bad boy player that steals Devi’s heart and takes on a roller coaster of emotions. Not only that, but we can see scenes from prom and graduation are coming. Devi heads to parties her senior year and tries to figure out what college she wants to attend, whether in-state or away from home. Paxton has returned, which causes more problems in Devi’s life with her new feelings for the new hot peer, Ethan. The love conflict continues!

Fans are sad to see the show go after just four seasons. We all would have loved to see how Devi takes on college life, but the show will have to end in her high school era instead. We’re not surprised based on Netflix’s track record lately. It seems that their original shows only stick around for a few seasons. In previous eras of television, it was normal to have 10-20 seasons, but Netflix is showing us that nowadays, we can expect around 2-5 seasons per show, especially when it comes to originals.

With Never Have I Ever season 4 wrapping up this story, the number one outstanding question fans have is whether or not Devi will end up with someone before high school ends. Or, will she enter her college life single?

Who is Devi going to end up with? 

Will she end up with Paxton, Ben, or Ethan? Everyone has their predictions on whom Devi will end up with, but Cosmopolitan thinks Devi will end up with Ben. The entire show has circled Devi finding herself and being with someone who will understand her. Some might say that she doesn’t need to end up with anybody, which is true, but that is way less fun than seeing a happy ending with someone else we’ve all come to love.

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If you have watched the previous seasons, then you will want to tune into Never Have I Ever season 4 to see how the show ends. We recommend watching the show if you are into drama and romance. This show will keep you wanting more and connect with your younger teen self. Season 4 comes out on June 8th on Netflix so be ready to stream the final episodes.