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January 2019: the internet buzzed with a Deadline article that rumored Netflix was making a Resident Evil series. One year on, it looks canceled.

Since that original article, major outlets like IGN have reported and theorized about a potential show. Ironically, in showbiz, no news is bad news, and after complete radio silence, one of two scenarios happened:

  1. The rumors were unreliable.
  2. The show never got off the ground.

Whichever is true, it looks like it’s time to call DOA. Netflix’s Resident Evil is canceled.

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Source for shows cancellation?

We have no source for this news. It’s just a hunch, a feeling in the pit of our stomachs that a Resident Evil TV show isn’t happening. The truth is, unless Netflix is keeping its Resident Evil cast and crew locked in an underground Umbrella base, the lack of news or leaks is our biggest indicator.

If it was anywhere in terms of production, IMDB would have more than a single name listed after a year. There’s no information about any other cast or crew. It’s dead, like a headless zombie.

The reality is, it’s not only Netflix who would need to keep silent. Everyone who saw, read, faxed (it still happens), or mailed something related to any company associated would need to have not leaked anything.

Considering the social media-heavy world we live in, this dedication to silence regarding one of the top gaming intellectual properties in the world is beyond our comprehension.

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Netflix should make a Resident Evil TV show

The irony is that Netflix should make a Resident Evil TV show. It’s not like the world needs more zombies, but Resident Evil is a big name in the popular culture of the undead.

If done right, it could be a big-name franchise perfect to challenge The Walking Dead. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong with a horror TV show — people love them.

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