Where To Watch Love Island Uk
where to watch love island uk

Love Island has become one of the most popular reality dating shows streaming right now. Since its premier in 2015, fans haven’t been able to get enough of the romance, drama, and lies that fill the series. While it is a dating reality show, most of the series is filled with the drama and heartbreak that surrounds these relationships.

For viewers wanting to follow this intense dating reality show, we’ll be talking about how to watch Love Island UK, what it’s about and everything else you might need to know about the series.

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What Is Love Island UK About?

Love Island UK can be compared to other reality dating shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, The Circle and Too Hot to Handle, where singles are brought together to find their true love. Love Island UK consists of ten singles that come to stay in a villa for a few weeks as they try to find a lasting relationship.

The first day, singles will choose to couple up with someone based solely on first impressions. From there, they will mingle with their current couple and others to get to know each other. They will have a chance to switch partners throughout the season, which causes immense heartbreak and drama.

While they do not have their own phones, they will receive phones that will give them challenges, updates, information on who’s been dumped and if there will be any bombshells, or additional islanders, joining the fun. The goal is to stay in a couple, whether it’s for love, friendship or just pure survival.

Couples will also have to withstand public vote, as viewers have the ability to eliminate couples if they don’t enjoy them. By competing in challenges and with each other, these singles will fight for their chance at the hefty prize of £50,000 ($62,455), as well as hope to find someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

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Where to Watch Love Island UK?

There are a few streaming platforms that let you watch Love Island UK, with one such platform being Peacock.

Peacock is a great option as it’s one of the least expensive streaming platforms available at only $5.99 ($59.99/year) a month for the basic plan, or you can upgrade to only $11.99 ($119.99/year) for the Premium Plus, which gives you no ads, local NBC Channel Live, and you’re able to download and watch select titles offline.

You can change your plan or cancel at any time, so there’s no commitment or worry about your service membership.

How Many Seasons Are in Love Island UK?

With now 10 seasons for the original show, you’re able to binge-watch the series to your hearts content. The dating reality show is intense and drama-filled, enticing you to get through the seasons quickly. For those that want a recap of some of the seasons to get an insight on what to expect, check below at some of the best seasons.

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Love Island UK Best Seasons Recap

Season 3

Love Island is full of twists to keep couples on their toes, and this was the first-time fans were introduced to “Casa Amor”. The mid-season twist, which soon became a staple in every season, showed the island contestants being separated into different villas, all while a new set of hot singles joined them.

This really put the relationship to the test as couples not only worried if their spouse is being loyal, but if who you’re currently with is truly the one. This brought on amazing drama that excited viewers.

Season 8

Even after several seasons, Season 8 showed the Love Island wasn’t going anywhere with the amazing story arc of Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti as their relationship went from lovers to enemies, back to lovers again, arguably one of the best love stories in Love Island history.

Season 5

When Love Island was at it’s peak in popularity, Season 5 really gave fans what they wanted. It had amazing characters, hilarious moments, and over-the-top drama. This season arguably had some of the best couples with Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard, and Molly Mae and Tommy Fury.

Season 2

While there was still some intense drama in Season 2, the cast did come across as a bit genuine and tried to work on things more than other seasons. The second season features the show’s greatest success story, Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde.

Other Love Island Variations to Watch

How To Watch Love Island Uk

But thankfully, there are several other versions of Love Island for those that want to see more of this amazing reality show. And while there are several to name, let’s check out the top ones that you should try if you’re wanting to follow more exciting content like UK’s version.

Love Island SA

Love Island South Africa premiered February 2021 and was quickly under fire for only casting 3 Black islanders. With the original show being such a hit and the most successful version of the series, branching out to other areas of the world had great potential.

But while work still needs to be done to show proper representation, those that are interested in some intense drama, fights and more, this is a great show to try out.

Love Island USA

Some have mentioned that the US version tries desperately to copy the UK version to the point of casting a British contestant. But that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s another great option for those that want to find more content in the Love Island franchise.

There are currently four seasons right now, with the first one premiering in 2020, and the fifth season is hopefully coming out in 2023.

Love Island Australia

Released mid 2018, Love Island Australia has four seasons and is the second best version of the original franchise. While diversity is still an issue in this one as well, there is substantially more drama in the Australian version than the UK believe it or not.

There have been four seasons so far, and the fifth season is currently in production, but there is no confirmed date on when it will be released.