How To Cancel Peacock Premium Subscription

Many of us have been the victim to auto-renewing subscriptions that creep up on us before we remember to cancel them. With many businesses opting for this business model today, these incremental costs can certainly add up.

If you are a subscriber to Peacock Premium, you may be considering a cancellation of your subscription. No matter what your reasons for canceling are, it can be difficult to navigate the menus to find this option. Here we will explore how to cancel Peacock Premium, across multiple devices and services. 

How to cancel Peacock Premium on desktop

How To Cancel Peacock Premium Subscription
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Regardless of whether you have the Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus subscription, the method to cancel the membership is the same and will be outlined below. 

Step 1 – Log in

First you need to open the Peacock website on your web browser. Note that Peacock is only available in certain countries so if you are traveling, you may need to use a VPN to access it. 

Step 2 – Account profile

In the upper corner of the screen, you can now click on your account profile icon to access your account settings. 

Step 3 – Account settings

Now that you are within your account profile, you can click on account settings for a variety of options. You will see an option here which says “Change Plan,” which you should select.

Step 4 – Select your plan

Here you will see your current plan highlighted, which you can click on to progress to the next step. 

Step 5 – Cancel plan

Click on “Change Plan” and you will be presented with an option to cancel your Peacock Premium subscription and change back to the free plan. 

Step 6 – Check email

When your subscription has successfully been canceled, you will receive an email with the details of your cancellation. If you decide that you want to subscribe to Peacock Premium again in the future, you can follow the above steps to revert your plan. 

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How to cancel Peacock Premium on mobile devices

If you do not have access to a desktop device or you primarily use your mobile devices for streaming, you can follow the simple steps below to cancel your Peacock Premium subscription on these devices. We provide directions for both iOS and Android devices.

Cancel Peacock Premium on iOS

Whether you are using Peacock Premium on iPhone or an iPad, you can follow the same steps below to cancel your subscription. 

Step 1 – App store

Open the Apple App Store and sign in using your Apple ID if you are not already signed in.

Step 2 – Subscriptions

Navigate to the subscriptions section and you should see an option labeled “Manage.”

Step 3 – Cancel subscription

You should see Peacock on the list and you can click on “edit” and then “cancel subscription.” 

Cancel Peacock Premium on Android

In a similar way to iOS devices, you can cancel your Peacock subscription via Android phones or tablets. The steps below can be easily followed to cancel your subscription on these devices. 

Step 1 – Google Play 

Open the Google Play store and then navigate to your account profile.

Step 2 – Payments & Subscriptions

You can now navigate to the section labeled “Payments & Subscriptions” and then tap on “Subscriptions.” 

Step 3 – Find Peacock subscription 

Scroll through your active subscriptions until you find Peacock and tap on it to progress to the next step. 

Step 4 – Cancel subscription 

From the displayed options, tap on “Cancel Subscription” to cancel Peacock Premium. 

Note that these methods will only work if you specifically subscribed via the app stores of these devices. If you used the Peacock website to subscribe, you will need to use the first method outlined in this article.

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