Disney+ Will Be On Amazon Products
Credit: Flickr and WikiCommons

Disney and Amazon have high-fived, chest bumped and completed some secret handshake that now makes them friends again.

What this means is that Disney+ will be available on Amazon Fire products. It’s big news if you’re getting streaming goodness via a TV Fire Stick or Fire TV Box. If you don’t, what are you doing here? Check out one of these lists instead!

If you’re still here, I’m guessing you want some details on what went down between these business behemoths.

The 411 on Disney and Amazon

Picture the scene: Disney CEO Bob Iger and Jeff Bezos standing in the Colosseum of big business. Swords, shields and armor cling and clash. What are they fighting over? Well, The Wall Street Journal reported the following:

  • Amazon demanded ad space in Disney’s apps including ESPN, ABC and The Disney Channel.
  • Disney said no and considered removing all their apps from Amazon products.

So who won in this clash of the titans-style standoff? No idea. All we know is that it’s no longer a problem — likely because Disney has Netflix in their sights, not Amazon.

Advertising in streaming apps

It’s the worst. This section should end here, but it’s a common theme and will continue as platforms challenge streaming services to try to earn from viewership.

Google, for example, had issues with Roku because of its demand for ad space within Google apps that were running on Roku devices. Google laughed at them and didn’t let Roku have a YouTube app for years.

Everything considered, let’s hope this is the last time we see Disney+ mentioned in the same sentence as advertisements. For me, it’s the only way Disney could ruin Disney+ at this point. So it’ll inevitably happen!