Chromecast With Google Tv 4K Review 2022
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The Chromecast with Google TV is much more than a streaming stick with a remote. Google’s home entertainment device boasts a sensible interface, nearly every streaming service you can think of, and Google Assistant at your beck and call. Plus, right now you can pick it up for $40.

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Why The Chromecast With Google TV Impresses

The Chromecast with Google TV device lets you:

1. Google Assistant

Access the Google Assistant by holding the dedicated button on the remote. The Assistant can do everything you’re used to, like answering questions, adjusting intelligent home gadgets, and controlling media playback. You can also search for shows and movies across apps, which is handy when you know what you want to watch but are unsure which service has it.

2. The Apps Tab

Another big plus is the Apps tab, which connects your TV to the world of Android. Furthermore, these Apps have been optimized for Android TV, including the Play Store.

3. New Google TV Interface

Beyond the Voice Assistant and App tab, Google TV has a new interface, with Android TV as the backbone. This gives you access to all the apps you could possibly want. The device only has 8GB of internal storage to fill with apps and games. As we’ve found in long-term testing, this can fill up very quickly as you only actually get around 4.4GB of storage to play with. You’ll likely be fine if you stick to Play Store apps and not too many games.

4. Kid’s Profile

A great feature for parents is the kid’s profile, which you can create to access movies and shows for the family; pick an animated avatar and theme, set parental controls to restrict what streaming services are shown, limit watching time, and arrange a bedtime. That way, you know they are not watching TV all night, and the TV won’t be on even when they fall asleep. The TV will shut off when the timer has run out.

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Chromecast With Google TV 4k Performance

As with most streaming devices, the Chromecast with Google TV 4K is a dongle that plugs into an HDMI port on your TV, and a small remote control accompanies it:

1. The Remote Control

The remote is good. Roughly the same thickness as the Roku Streaming Stick Plus remote, albeit a bit shorter in length, it felt comfortable in my hands, and that thickness should make it less easy to lose than Apple’s super-thin Apple TV remote. The remote features a four-way circular directional pad at the top with a select key in the middle. Below are two rows of buttons. The only unlikeable thing about the remote is that, like with the HD version, it’s got branded YouTube and Netflix buttons. 

2. Streaming Quality

For picture quality, the Chromecast with Google TV is right up there with the best video streamers at its price, including its nearest rival, the five-star Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. There’s almost nothing to separate the two as we watch Lost In Space in Dolby Vision. It’s a sharp, textured, and well-exposed picture that’s a credit to the HDR source material.

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Is The Chromecast with 4k Google TV Worth Buying In 2023?

If you love Android phones and watches, then you will love Chromecast Google TV because it gives you the same feel as what it is on your Android phone.

Amazingly, the Chromecast with Google TV 4K is around the same price as the Roku and Amazon Fire TV Sticks on the market. You can get the Chromecast Google TV at Best Buy, Target, and Amazon for $40. If you don’t mind the minor flaws of Chromecast Google TV and love Google TV, this is the streaming stick for you to purchase.