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If you’re looking for the best movies for liberals streaming right now, you’ve found the right place. Liberal movies are typically more progressive and has more support of LGBTQ+, women and minorities.

Whether you’re looking for recent films or classic, comedies or dramas, there are several movies on the list that will surely fascinate you. So, without further ado, for those that want the best movies for liberals, read more.

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15. Easy A

Best Movies For Liberals

There’s nothing more liberal than a woman being proud of her body and her sexuality. Inspired by 1850 novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the film starts when a white lie about Olive (Emma Stone) losing her virginity spreads across school.

Since Olive is a clean-cut high school girl who is practically invisible, she decides to use the rumor to advance her social and financial standing, having boys pay her so they can say they’ve had sex with her.

Soon, she is walking around the halls wearing a red A on her chest wearing revealing clothes, accepting her social stance and showing others that she isn’t bothered.

14. Hidden Figures

This is an inspiring movie that even I can’t get enough of. This 2016 historical drama is a true story and is set when the US was in a race against Russia to put a man in space. NASA had several African American female mathematicians that served as the brains behind some of the great operations in history.

This film follows three women as they quickly rose to the top of the ranks in NASA and worked alongside many of the greatest minds.

Fighting against gender and race, Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Gobels were some of the most inspiring American heroes at that time.

13. Barbie

Of course, we had to include Barbie. Barbie is one of the biggest films today and has created such a big stir with everyone. This film is pretty much only for liberals, as most conservatives are really throwing a tantrum over it.

While it’s meant primarily for women only, several liberals of any gender can recognize the reason this movie needed to be released. Whether you played with the dolls or not, this movie is incredibly important, as it truly encapsulates the shared experience of being a woman.

As Barbie worries over her body and mortality, Ken starts to get sucked into the idea of patriarchy, which only pushes Barbies everywhere to become submissive, truly showing the struggle that we feel today. This is without a doubt, one of the best movies for liberals that you should watch.

Currently Barbie is in theaters but will hopefully be coming to Max in the fall.

12. Breakfast Club

This classic movie from 1985 is one of the best movies for liberals. Five high school students meet in Saturday detention. Where they first believed they had nothing in common, they slowly find that they can relate to one another more than they thought.

Their task in detention is to write a 1,000-word essay about who they think they are. At the beginning of detention, they might have written stereotypical information about themselves, but towards the end, they’re able to write with an open mind and see themselves in a new light.

While some might say it promotes drug use, sex, and bad behavior, it’s an absolutely must watch when talking about liberal movies, as it truly shows that we’re all related in some form or fashion, and that stereotypes are not always correct.

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11. The Help

This inspiring movie is set during the civil rights movement in the 1960s and follows Skeeter Phelan, an author who decides to write a book detailing the African American maids’ point of view for the white families they work for and the hardships they go through.

Skeeter spends her time in Mississippi with her friends in the small town, and when she begins to interview the maids’, most want nothing to do with her. But once one person starts talking, the rest open up. Soon, Skeeter flips the town upside down with the stories that she’s writing.

Soon, Skeeter’s life is on the verge of disaster and danger awaits as the town starts speaking out about their unwillingness to keep up with the changing times.

10. God Bless America

A liberal, amped-up version of Falling Down, where one flawed, middle-aged man and an aggressive teenage female take on the system.

If you don’t mind lots of swearing and over-the-top violence, this movie could be perfect; it’s much better than the 68 percent it earned on Rotten Tomatoes.

9. Avatar

Big business is bad, preserving the environment is good, and women have the answer. Avatar has all the ingredients to be one of the best forward-thinking liberal movies ever.

This 2009 film follows paraplegic Marine who is dispatched to the moon, Pandora, on a unique mission. he’s torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home. It’s a beautiful film that has recently received a sequel.

8. District 9

District 9‘s alien infestation flips the script, creating a racial statement about the treatment of immigrants not only by corporations but by citizens too.

By making the aliens innocent, District 9 is unique and well worth watching. It earned 82 percent from reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

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7. Robocop

This all-action futuristic movie lacks modern diversity. However, it still delivers the perfect tale of corruption spanning big business, police, and organized crime.

Director Paul Verhoeven even manages to make criticisms of consumerism and environmental issues throughout the movie. Perhaps Robocop can be considered ahead of its time, at least thematically?

6. American Psycho

American Psycho' Ending, Explained: Do We Know What Really Happened?
We Got This Covered

Is there a more disturbing view of the stockbroker than American Psycho? From an emotionless empty pursuit of money to finding that the only thing that satiates is murder.

It’s a brilliant movie showing the emptiness of money, compared to the humanity of feelings. And it’s a razor-sharp satire at that, with a delightfully maniacal Christian Bale in the lead role.

5. Frost/Nixon

Martin Sheen is fantastic as David Frost, the showbiz interviewer who, despite being out of his depth before the interview with former President Richard Nixon, comes out on top to create one of the most iconic moments ever recorded on film.

The film is a dramatic retelling of the post-Watergate television interviews between British talk-show host David Frost and former president Richard Nixon.

4. JFK

Oliver Stone’s JFK really took aim at the government with a conspiracy theory that has since become mainstream and cultural.

The movie blames the assassination on conservative politicians, the U.S. military, and even the Vice President at the time.

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3. Clerks

The movie Clerks has a cult following, is part of modern pop culture, and is a feel-good movie, regardless of how you’re doing in life.

If you want to know what life was like for the young working class in the ’90s, there is no better movie.

The film follows two convenience store clerks, Dante and Randal, as they annoy customers, discuss movies, and play hockey on the roof. It’s one of the best movies for liberals.

2. Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth is an adult version of Alice in Wonderland. A story where a young girl is outcast by a cruel stepfather, she looks for escapism and finds it in a dark and scary world, where she might just be its princess.

Following Ofelia in Falagnist Spain of 1944, a girl meets a fairy who takes her to an old faun in the center of the labyrinth. Once there, the fairy tells her that she must prove her royalty by surviving three gruesome tasks. If she fails, she will never see her father again.

1. A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick’s take on society in A Clockwork Orange is both provocative and brutal, taking aim at religion, prison, police, and more. All the while, he’s showing that through certain forms of strict education, society can be brainwashed and controlled.

Set in a futuristic Britian, Alex DeLarge is arrested and convicted of murder. While in prison, DeLarge takes part in an experimental program that programs convict to hate violence. But not all of his problems are over once he’s released, as there is a lot more waiting for him on the streets of Britian.