Credit: Universal Pictures / Tremors

Finding a movie that matches your personal values or at least condemns what you loathe isn’t easy. To avoid wasting time on movies that will ultimately lead to the remote being thrown across the room in annoyance (that’s what I do), here are the best movies for conservatives.

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10. Taken (Peacock Premium)

Man’s man Liam Neeson battles terrorists and kidnappers in France and obviously wins in the end. Neeson is looking for his daughter who has been taken to Paris. Everything rests on his exceptional ex-military skills to take out everyone involved in a non-stop action thrill ride. The movie is currently streaming on Peacock Premium and earned 85 percent from reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

9. Soylent Green (Rent or Buy on Amazon)

Saying Soylent Green stars Charlton Heston should be enough to entice any red-blooded conservative into watching. Add a twisted government with a complete disregard for society and this could be the perfect detective movie to watch. Well, if you’ve got the Criterion Channel, that is.

8. Tremors (Rent or Buy on Amazon)

Preppers are unfortunately looked down on by some in modern society. Tremors, however, puts two on a pedestal in an iconic scene that has become part of popular culture. Simply put, the citizens of Paradise (the town in the movie) would be in the belly of the beast without The Second Amendment and preppers.

7. The Death of Stalin (Pluto TV)

If you want to laugh at communism, The Death of Stalin is perfect. Showing the Soviet Union in a way you’ll never see elsewhere, this comedy from Veep creator Armando Iannucci shows the absurdity of wannabe dictators jockeying to fill a power vacuum after the death of Stalin.

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6. Little Pink House (Amazon Prime Video)

Little Pink House is the story of Susette Kelo, a citizen who refused to give her house to a government that decided a property developer could bulldoze over it. The story reached the Supreme Court and left a government backing the position that you can take from one and give to the other — if they pay more taxes. If you dislike big government, this movie on Amazon Prime Video is the perfect viewing. It earned a respectable 81 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

5. Shazam! (HBO Max)

If you’re looking for some big-budget comic book action without being enraged by liberal messaging, Shazam! could be perfect. The movie has lots of conservative values, including the message of protecting one’s family. Plus, it even has a negative take on overzealous feminism.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness (Paramount Plus)

The Pursuit of Happyness is a movie all about how hard work can earn someone the American Dream. It doesn’t matter race, gender, or religion — dedication is the key. The movie puts family, loyalty, trust, and commerce on a pedestal and is easily Will Smith’s best-ever movie. If you need something uplifting on Paramount Plus, look no further.

3. Halloween (Rent or Buy on Amazon)

The 2018 reboot comes in with some liberal ideals but trashes them brilliantly. One of the key scenes has a daughter disowning her mother for preparing for the worst while saying the world is full of love and understanding. By the end of the movie, that naive sentiment is gone. Such is life!

2. Miracle (Disney Plus)

Kurt Russell stars in this true-story adaptation about Herb Brooks, who led the United States hockey team to gold in the 1980 Winter Olympics against all odds. Miracle is about setting a goal and working hard towards it. It earned 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s considered one of the best sports movies ever.

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1. The Killing Fields (Kanopy)

The Killing Fields is set during Pol Pot’s “Year Zero,” which saw two million people killed as part of the tyrant’s cleansing of undesirable Cambodian citizens. If you’re looking for a movie that conveys the horrors of communism and dictatorships, then The Killing Fields is a perfect but harrowing viewing. One of the hardest-hitting movies ever made.