Best Jeopardy Episodes

One of the most widely adored and longest-running game shows of all time, Jeopardy is a classic show that’s been airing nearly daily for 52 years.  With Alex Trebek at the hosting helm until 2021, Jeopardy has developed a cult-like following with long-running competitors and record-breaking ratings. These fifteen episodes showcase some of the most memorable moments in Jeopardy’s history, providing the perfect snapshot of why this show holds such an important place in many Americans’ hearts. These are the 15 best Jeopardy episodes to revisit if you’re looking for a rewatch. 

15. Season 33, Episode 88

Best Jeopardy Episodes: S33 E88
The Commercial Appeal

Colby Taylor, Zoey Orol, and Alain Norman battle it out in this riveting and recent episode of Jeopardy. These 2017 contestants run through Trebek’s categories, bringing the expertise of a foreign service officer, an attorney, and a professor into one tense arena. All charismatic and qualified, these competitors keep viewers on the edge of their seats for each of this episode’s twenty minutes. 

14. Season 37, Episode 5

Best Jeopardy Episodes: S37 E5

Herman Wilkins, Joe Velasco, and Sarah Twilley compete on this enthralling episode of Jeopardy, resulting in a $20,000 sweep. The filmmaker, music teacher, and student bring a creative edge to the Jeopardy stage, their charisma and speed keep this episode interesting, one of the best Jeopardy episodes in recent years. 

13. Season 33, Episode 125

Best Jeopardy Episodes: S33 E125
The Chicago Tribune

Trish Floyd, Jeff Brown, and Rob Liguori grace the Jeopardy stage, bringing together the interests and expertise of an actuary, a grant writer, and a research editor, Ending with a $58,601 sweep, this episode features one of the most clear-cut wins in recent seasons, making for a satisfying watch. Add this to your list of best Jeopardy episodes to add to your next rewatch. 

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12. Ken Jennings’s Debut (S20 E194)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: Ken Jennings First Episode

Ken Jennings makes his Jeopardy debut in this riveting episode, embarking on his long-running streak against Chad Kaihe and Carrie Youngblood, a construction inspector and administrative assistant. Jennings owns the stage in this episode, setting the foundation for a winning streak that places him squarely among the Jeopardy greats in one of the best Jeopardy episodes. 

11. 2019 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal (S36 E41)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: 2019 Tournament Of Champions Quarterfinal

The 2019 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinal kicks off in this episode, featuring Gilbert Collins, Anneke Garcia, and Kyle Jones, reigning champs from previous tournament rounds. The Tournament of Champions is at its best in this episode, featuring impressive performances from staunch competitors and some of Trebek’s best wit and charm. 

10. Season 35, Episode 33

Best Jeopardy Episodes: S35 E33

Rock Wayda, Hannah McIntyre, and Erik Agard compete in this engrossing episode of Jeopardy, playing from Agard’s three-episode winning streak. This episode showcases Jeopardy’s strengths, with Agard’s winnings totaling $66K at the episode’s start. Add this episode to your best Jeopardy episodes rewatch list ASAP. 

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9. Season 37, Episode 74

Best Jeopardy Episodes: S37 E74

Yoshie Hill, Natalie Craig, and Tracy Lee compete in this compelling Jeopardy episode hosted by Alex Trebek at his best. With three Californians in fierce competition, this episode features quick moves, impressive scoring, and unforgettable banter. This one is a perfect addition to your rewatch list and stands out as one of Jeopardy’s best episodes. 

8. Season 26, Episode 51

Best Jeopardy Episodes: S26 E51

Ben Davis, Patrick Pence, and Cathy Sorge battle it out in this gripping episode ending with a one-day total of over $20,000. The law student, GIS coordinator, and archivist compete for daily doubles, category sweeps, and laughs from Trebek in one of Jeopardy’s best and most rewatchable episodes. 

7. Ken Jennings’s Streak Ends (S21 E62)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: Ken Jennings Streak Ends

This legendary episode brings Ken Jennings’s impressive winning streak to an end, with realtor Nancy Zerg besting a Jeopardy great. His 74-day streak culminated in a total cash-winnings of over $2.5 million, shattering previous records and bringing Ken Jennings into the public consciousness. 

6. Battle of the Decades Final (S30 E175)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: Battle Of The Decades Final

In the Battle of the Decades Final, Roger Craig, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter compete on a star-studded Jeopardy stage. The three compete for Jeopardy notoriety, bringing some of the most well-known names in the show’s history into one room. This episode is among Jeopardy’s best and most rewatchable. 

5. The IBM Watson Challenge (S27 E111)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: The Ibm Watson Challenge
The New York Times

Brad Rutter, a $3.2 million winner of Jeopardy prominence, and Ken Jennings are challenged in this episode by Watson, a question-answering computer by IBM. Because Jennings had never been defeated by a human competitor, Jeopardy decided to challenge him with a computer, leading to a multi-episode IBM Challenge series. 

4. The Celebrity Jeopardy Debut (S9 E36)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: Celebrity Jeopardy

Bringing the debut of Celebrity Jeopardy, this episode features Regis Philbin, Donna Mills, and Carol Burnett, bringing a new element to the game of Jeopardy. Trebek is on top hosting game in this episode, bringing more entertaining banter and humor than usual with these less-polished contestants in play. 

3. The Ultimate Tournament of Champions Final (S21 E188)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: Ultimate Tournament Of Champions

The final installment of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, this episode features big names Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings as they continue to dominate the Jeopardy stage. The two battle it out alongside Jerome Vered, another legendary winner, and compete for the title of Ultimate Jeopardy Champion. 

2. Tournament of Champions Final (S28 E42)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: Tournament Of Champions Final

Roger Craig owns the stage in this Tournament of Champions final, with an impressive streak of daily doubles serving to quickly multiply his winnings and stun viewers. This moment is one of the most fun in all of Jeopardy history, with Buddy Wright and Tom Nissley providing the perfect onstage chemistry to keep this episode interesting. 

1. Alex Trebek’s Final Episode (S37 E75)

Best Jeopardy Episodes: Alex Trebek'S Final Episode

Alex Trebek’s last-ever performance as Jeopardy’s host, this episode is undoubtedly one of the show’s most bittersweet. However, despite its heart-wrenching moments, this episode is a can’t-miss for your next rewatch. Trebek stays charming, talented, and humorous to his very last moment on Jeopardy, rounding out our list of the 15 best Jeopardy episodes to rewatch.