Barry'S Last Season (4) Wraps Up The Series In April
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Barry has wrapped up shooting, so season 4 will be Barry‘s last season. If you enjoyed the show, it might be disappointing to know that this will be its final season. Let’s recap what we know about the show and what to expect in season 4. 

Barry'S Last Season (4) Wraps Up The Series: Here'S What We Know
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The premise of the show surrounds the main character Barry Berkman who is played by comedic actor, Bill Hader (he’s also a writer on the show). He’s a veteran from the midwest and works as a hitman. In an unexpected twist, he becomes an aspiring actor when sent to kill someone in Los Angeles. Barry gets gradually darker with each season. If you have never seen this show before and enjoy dark comedy, now is the perfect time to watch. However, we don’t recommend you keep reading this article seeing as we are diving into what we know about season 4 and it may give away some of the plot.

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What we know about Barry‘s last season

Barry'S Last Season (4) Wraps Up The Series: Here'S What We Know
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So far, we know that Barry‘s last season starts with Barry behind bars. The final season dropped on April 16th, but only a few episodes have already aired. There is lots of shock, humor, and drama to come. While in prison, we can see him looking back at his decisions and fearing how he has taken himself away from being “a good person,” as seen in the season 4 trailer.

Previous seasons have eight episodes each and once again, there will only be eight episodes in season 4. Episodes are aired every Sunday on HBO Max and the show will end at the end of May. Each episode lasts between 26 to 35 minutes.  

If you are wondering why Barry is ending, we saw that Hader did an interview with Variety Magazine and said that he and his co-creator, Alec Berg, clearly saw that the show “naturally ends” after season 4. While they didn’t want to stop production because they have such fun writing and filming the show, they didn’t want to drag out the plot at all. This is actually a welcome change from some popular TV shows that keep a show going for as long as possible to make money. This interview and decision feels like a way to give the fans the ending they deserve.

We’ll all be wondering how Barry‘s last season will tie the story together in a bow. The writers believe there are still unanswered questions, so it’s good to know that season 4 will bring us answers. The writers want to make sure they leave a lasting impression since the show is a big hit on HBO Max. 

Will Barry Berkman will get his happy ending? He has done a lot of damage, but there is no telling what is going to happen next until we see all that is left to come. The writers haven’t disappointed the fans so far, so we have positive thoughts going into the rest of season 4.

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