Atlas On Netflix
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Jennifer Lopez’s newest film is Atlas, a science fiction movie where Lopez stars as the rigid Atlas Shepherd whose deep distrust of AI will be reevaluated when a mission to capture a rogue robot goes terribly wrong. Filled with action and heartfelt scenes, Atlas on Netflix is a great addition to the science fiction genre.

Check out our Atlas review, and remember, spoilers ahead!

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Atlas on Netflix Review – Breaking Down Plot, Setting, Characters


Atlas On Netflix: Diving Deep Into The Humanity Of Ai
Credit: ASAP Entertainment

Atlas is set in the future after an AI named Harlan takes over fellow AI and launches an attack against humankind. After fleeing the planet, 28 years go by before one of his close co-conspirators is found on Earth. Atlas Shepherd, an expert on Harlan, is tasked with interrogating the captured AI and finding where Harlan has been hiding.

A crew is sent out to apprehend Harlan but goes awry when Harlan shoots the ship down, forcing Atlas into an Arc (weapons suit run by AI) and crash lands on planet GR-39. Atlas must learn to work with the AI, Smith, while trying to stay alive and bring down Harlan’s operation.

I thought the plot was entertaining and paced well; I never thought any scenes were slow. I love delving into the science fiction genre, and the idea around AI is also intriguing because we don’t truly know what will happen if AI gets more advanced than humans, or decides it needs to “fix” Earth.

I also like the underlying tension of Atlas’ past, because it gives the viewer a reason to keep watching and figure out why she is this way. The ending was tear-jerking for sure, especially the scene between Smith and Atlas as he sits in a pile of rubble, but still ended in a satisfying way as they reunited in the Arc 10 suit.


Atlas On Netflix: Diving Deep Into The Humanity Of Ai
Credit: ASAP Entertainment

There are two main settings in Atlas: Earth and GR-39. While Earth is a safe space for humans and Atlas, GR-39 serves as enemy territory, filled with storms and dangerous AI allies of Harlan. It’s a great juxtaposition that gives the viewer something new to look at in each scene.

Earth is different too, with new technological advances bringing a sci-fi touch to Los Angeles after 28 years of AI terror. I also like to see how creators imagine a future Earth, as they can have drastically different visions which often include flying ships. My favorite part of the film is GR-39, with frozen tundras, marshy swamps, and arid canyons that Atlas must journey through. Science fiction brings life to new worlds, and Atlas does that well.

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Atlas On Netflix: Diving Deep Into The Humanity Of Ai
Credit: ASAP Entertainment

While the cast of characters was smaller than traditional films, it didn’t take away from their performances. Jennifer Lopez does well playing an analyst stranded with only an AI (Smith) to talk to, played by Gregory James Cohan, who you might recognize in Red Dead Redemption II. Other notable cast include Simu Liu as Harlan, Sterling K. Brown as Colonel Elias, and Mark Strong as General Boothe.

I liked the dynamic of all the characters, but Lopez and Cohan’s characters were by far the best. The two were stuck in a mech suit and had to learn to trust each other in a world nearly destroyed by AI. Lopez‘s reactions and emotions were poignant, and Cohan’s passionate yet soothing voice brought you back into the moment. I’m glad their characters got to reconnect at the end after they nearly died on GR-39.

Where was Atlas Filmed?

Atlas was filmed in Los Angeles and New Zealand, with principal photography beginning on August 26, 2022, and finishing on November 26, 2022.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and even shed a few tears at the end. I would ignore some of the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, as many other viewers have. This is perfect for lovers of AI, science fiction, or diving into the complexity of human emotions. If you want to jump into the genre or watch a Jennifer Lopez film that’s not a rom-com stream it on Netflix today.