Apple Tv+: 'Rousing Start' Underscores Streaming Wars Staying Power
Apple CEO Tim Cook. Credit: Valery Marchive on Flickr (via Wikimedia Commons)

After its first fiscal quarter of 2020, Apple reported its highest quarterly revenue ever — and a “rousing start” for new streaming host Apple TV+.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the exciting stats, per Cord Cutters News, and described Apple TV+’s excellent beginnings. The $91.8 billion in revenue for Apple shows just how much cache the company has to further all its frontiers.

This is especially exciting for those who are aboard the Apple TV+ bandwagon. And it seems there are more than may have been initially anticipated.

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Subscribers galore — with upside for more

We’ve recently covered how Apple TV+ already has more subscribers than Disney+ and Hulu. Outpacing both those Mouse House streaming ventures is no small task, even this early in the Streaming Wars.

Having just launched in November, Apple TV+ already racked up a whopping 33.6 million subscribers. Cook’s words cited in the lede show Apple at large is extremely pleased with the swift progress.

And it’s not merely the novelty factor of Apple TV+’s streaming start that’s pulling people in. Quality content is abundant. The Morning Show scored three Golden Globe nominations already!

Apple TV is already in many households as a convenient catch-all for home entertainment. This streaming service is bundled in with that, not to mention how seamless it is with all the rest of Apple’s technology products.

What’s more, according to Cord Cutters News, Apple CFO Luca Maestri reported the company has 480 million paid subscriptions all told. Thus, Apple TV+ is tapping into only a fraction — 7% to be more precise — of its ultimate potential.

Granted, the absolute upside wouldn’t hit that 480 million number, yet it still shows how much room there is to grow. Look out, Streaming Wars competitors. Apple TV+ isn’t messing around!

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