Credit: WikiCommons, Netflix, Nickelodeon

I should have called this article Netflex! Anyway, Netflix is flexing its muscles with some groovy announcements lately. Here’s the latest to rattle down the grapevine.

I grew up on Eddie Murphy stand-up and Hollywood movies. Beverly Hills Cop is pure nostalgic gold. If it’s as good as Dolemite Is My Name, then it’s going to be Eddie-tastic!

As for SpongeBob, I watched that show religiously with my daughter. Trust me, it’s not only for kids. Squidward, the character Netflix’s spin-off show focuses on, is a grumpy dude just like me. Perfect!

Netflix doing their thing

From this year’s glut of streaming news and announcements, it seems like Netflix is playing chess while other streaming services are… playing themselves. You thought I was going to say checkers, right?

Netflix must have known it was going to lose content at a rate of knots to competitors this year. Most companies would have curled into a ball and cry. Netflix rolled up its sleeves and started going buck wild! Or so it seems…

Timing is everything

Netflix planned ahead. I’m both shocked and impressed.

Apple TV+ launches with See and The Morning Show — Blam! Here’s The End of the F****** World and The Crown from Netflix.

Disney+ lands with The Mandalorian, Netflix hits us with Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman! Considering the conflict between Scorsese and Disney’s Marvel content, its as if Netflix had the legendary director say those things deliberately.

HBO cancels a Game of Thrones spin-off. It’s okay. Netflix has The Witcher for you in December. None of this one episode a week nonsense either, have the entire series. Why thank you Netflix.

And to those taking Friends, The Office, et al. It’s fine. We’ve got David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, exclusivity with Ricky Gervais, and so much talent locked down that you’ll forget about re-runs.

Either, Netflix is flexing their muscles, or…

Netflix has a time machine

I can’t be the only one seeing Netflix’s perfect counters to what competitors are doing. Coincidence? It can’t be. I’m starting to think they’ve invented the time machine.

They knew that HBO would have Game of Thrones spin-off issues. They knew that Mr. Scorsese would have beef with Disney’s Marvel shows.

They knew it all! Keep your eyes open, wait for a competitor to announce something, and then watch Netflix’s impossibly-timed reaction.

This is why my prediction that Netflix will get purchased by Disney is absolute tripe! In big business, time machines gotta have an advantage right?