Credit: Netflix

Anyone loading up Netflix this morning will be in for a surprise. The streaming giant was out for the count as it suffered from worldwide outages.

The service remained down for 80 minutes before being fixed. That’s a short movie, or three episodes of a show, missed by eager streamers. Here’s what they could have been watching.

Problems persist

Downdetector, a site that charts disruptions in digital services reported the problem at 9:15 am Eastern. At that point, the outage map showed Netflix was down in Europe, Asia, and parts of the U.S.

Two hours later, most of the outages resolved. However, if you’re in mainland Europe, or somewhere down the East Coast, you’re likely still affected.

Worldwide Netflix Outages Solved (Kind Of)
Downdetector Netflix outage map at 11 am Eastern

The good news is that the majority of North America and the world are now good to stream. Plus, Netflix continues to give the green tick to services across the world — even for those in Europe and down the East Coast. If you’re in that area, let us know if Netflix is up for you.

Worldwide Netflix Outages Solved (Kind Of)
Worldwide Netflix outages solved (kind of) 5

You can check whether the Netflix outages are impacting your service here at

Netflix not the only service with outages

Disney+ also suffered outages this month. Sadly, the technical issues came on its November 12th launch. This caused many fans to be disappointed as they tried to dig into some of Disney+’s top movies and shows.

During the Recode Conference earlier this week, Disney’s Direct to Consumer head Kevin Mayer said high demand caused their outages. However, the question persists about whether the technical issues were actually because of a data breach, however unlikely.

It is unlikely that this Netflix outage spirals into a similar line of questioning. It all depends on whether people start spotting their Netflix accounts up for sale on the Internet’s black market.