Credit: Fox / Netflix

Netflix are in talks with Warner Bros. over Season 6 of Lucifer, according to reports. It’s a bizarre turn of events, considering Season 5 was meant to be the show’s finale.

However, between petitions and Netflix’s data, the show has proven it has a committed fanbase, so now they’re trying to make a deal with Warner Bros. The problem? Warner Bros. now has to consider HBO Max.

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Netflix following data

Fox dumped Lucifer at the end of Season 3, and Netflix came to the rescue after desperate fans pushed for it. Season 4, which premiered in 2019, was one of the streaming giant’s most in-demand shows, according to Parrot Analytics.

This led to Netflix renewing for a mammoth 16-episode Season 5 finale that is yet to be aired. The irony is that now with production on Season 5 is over, Netflix want a Season 6 of Lucifer from a direct competitor.

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A devilish move

It isn’t impossible that Netflix get a Season 6, but it is highly unlikely.

It didn’t matter to Warner Bros. before HBO Max released. Netflix could continue to complete Lucifer without concern. Yet, HBO Max now know this show has a strong fanbase, so why would Warner Bros. strengthen Netflix? It is bad business, because attention is both finite and revenue in the streaming sector.

The likely scenario is that Season 5 will be the last on Netflix, and that HBO Max will look to make a Season 6 if show creators and cast want to continue. However, if Netflix want to be devilish, perhaps they’ll snap up Tom Kapinos (Lucifer show creator) and star Tom Ellis for something new. This is a war in streaming after all.

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What’s Lucifer?

Lucifer is based on a DC Comics series about the devil leaving Hell and living in Los Angeles. In some ironic twist, he’s not all bad, and is musical, fashionable, witty, charming, and emotionally complicated. Check out the Lucifer Season 5 trailer below.