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One of the most important elements in streaming is accessibility, and Roku’s platform is growing on the international market.

Roku is already a leading force in the United States, and their latest deal sees the platform rolling out on 15 more TV brands in 2020. Bigger news still is that those TVs will be available in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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Roku is ramping up. It might be a long way short of Apple’s install base of over 1 billion devices, but it’s dominating Amazon Fire domestically. In 2020, it could become a major player in the Streaming Wars.

What is Roku

Roku, Inc. is a publicly-traded company based in California. It is a manufacturer of media players and a streaming platform developer.

What makes Roku stand out is that its platform is used on 30 percent of all TVs sold in the United States. This means, one in three smart TVs have access to Roku and their free Roku Channel, which is one of the best free streaming options available.

It is estimated that Roku devices are used on average for 3.5 hours a day, making it one of the most-used devices in a home. Additionally, the service has over 29 million users. These numbers mean people are using Roku for their streaming consumption.

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A competitor on the market

To put their market share into context, Amazon FireTVs account for 12 percent, and Samsung’s Tizen 11 percent. At estimated speeds, Roku could be in over 50 million homes across the United States already.

Despite all this growth and apparent success, Roku remains unprofitable. With majors looking to buy up content, audiences, and platforms, Roku could be the biggest acquisition headlining 2020.

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