Survivor Turns 23 This Year: Here Are Our Top 10 Episodes
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Survivor turns 23 this year, and it is still a top-rated show that people can’t stop watching. The challenges are always entertaining and potentially scary. Fans love Jeff because he has a very direct hosting approach, dry wit, and says what fans think. He tends to make things very tense, but it’s this flair for the dramatic that makes it impossible to turn off the TV.

There are 44 seasons of Survivor, which means there are a lot of episodes to see. When it comes to the top-rated ones, it can be hard to choose, but don’t worry. We’ve rounded up the top Survivor episodes that you should rewatch for the fun, intensity, and complicated game play.

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10. If It Smells Like a Rat, Give it Cheese! (Season 16, Episode 13)

Top Survivor Episodes: If It Smells Like A Rat, Give It Cheese! (Season 16, Episode 13)
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In this episode, the women on the tribe use their gender to seduce the last man on the team. They have hopes that they will be able to take him out and only girls will be left to win the game. It’s interesting to see if he can fight the temptation or he will do something that will cost him the game. 

9. Banana Etiquette (Season 20, Episode 6) 

Top Survivor Episodes: Banana Etiquette (Season 20, Episode 6)
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During this episode, you see fun social exchanges and one of the best Tribal Councils. After the team named “Heroes” won a challenge, they must discuss what to do with the tribe’s banana supply to make their food last. At the same time, the “Villains” struggle with Russell’s alliance. Boston Rob planned to split the vote, but Russell adds a twist by convincing Tyson to vote himself out. It is quite incredible to see the social dynamics and trickery take place in this episode.

8. I’m Not Here to Make Good Friends (Season 32, Episode 10) 

Top Survivor Episodes: I’m Not Here To Make Good Friends (Season 32, Episode 10)
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This is one of the top Survivor episodes because it features an iconic blindside. Tai’s betrays his alliance even though they begged him to use his super idol. However, he did not use it, which ended up sending Scot home. It was a surprising betrayal because Tai was so kind-hearted and no one thought Tai could pull off such a sneaky trick.

7. Million Dollar Gamble (Season 33, Episode 10) 

Top Survivor Episodes: Million Dollar Gamble (Season 33, Episode 10) 
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This episode is two hours long, which adds lots of tension. You’ll see players receive letters from home, which is always an emotional and touching moment for the contestants. That doesn’t stop the game from happening. The most tragic part of the entire show is Jessica’s reaction at the end, but we won’t give too much away. 

6. Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Season 26, Episode 10)

Top Survivor Episodes: Zipping Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Season 26, Episode 10)
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The team called “Cool Kids” managed to pull one over on the “Stealth R Us” team in this exciting episode. The “Cool Kids” changed how the “Stealth R Us” voted by voting out their leader. It didn’t mean a win for the “Cool Kids,” but overall, it was a brilliant play by them. You’ll have to watch the whole episode to see what we mean.

5. Persona Non Grata (Season 26, Episode 5) 

Top Survivor Episodes: Persona Non Grata (Season 26, Episode 5) 
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In this episode, you see one tribe trying to control Brandon, who is out of control, but he ends up shocking everyone when he reveals he wants to sabotage their camp. Fans were on the edge of their seat when this history-making meltdown happened. It is jaw-dropping that will have you question what Brandon was thinking. 

4. You Get What You Give (Season 37, Episode 8) 

Top Survivor Episodes: You Get What You Give (Season 37, Episode 8) 
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In this episode, one team expects to pull off a blindside, but another team gets to it first and blindsides them, which shakes the core of the whole group. Two idols were played, and it was incredible to see at the Tribal Council. What viewers didn’t expect was the downfall of John. Check out the full episode to see for yourself.  

3. Lie, Cheat, and Steal (Season 31, Episode 14)

Top Survivor Episodes: Lie, Cheat, And Steal (Season 31, Episode 14)
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This episode is an amazing three hours long. Although it might seem long, it will still capture your attention the entire time.  It has one of the best castaways of all time. Jeremy plays at the final Tribal Council, which truly shocks everyone including the jury and the fans. No one knows how he kept a huge secret for 39 days. He kept it in order to win a million dollars. 

2. You Call, We’ll Haul (Season 31, Episode 8)

Top Survivor Episodes: You Call, We’ll Haul (Season 31, Episode 8)
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In this episode, you think Kelley Wentworth is going home after a nine-vote barrage, but she plays the idol card and saves herself. She shocked the fans, cast, and jury with her impressive move, making this a memorable and top Survivor episode. Few things can top an idol play like that which is why fans love the show and this season.   

1. Nothing Taste Better than Five Hundred Dollars (Season 17, Episode 9) 

Top Survivor Episodes: Nothing Taste Better Than Five Hundred Dollars (Season 17, Episode 9)
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In this episode, you will see a castaway come up with a plan that has to do with a hidden immunity idol. Is it real or fake, though? You’ll need to watch the episode to find out. And while they are doing that, another player is trying to come to terms with their alliance. As per usual, Survivor comes down to how badly the cast wants to avoid elimination and stay in the game. It’s a truly classic season and you’ll love this episode.

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If you want to watch these top Survivor episodes, you can stream them all on Paramount+. They have all seasons (from 1 to 44, the most recent season). For some reason, Netflix only has two seasons: 18 and 32. As a result, it is best to watch it on Paramount+ since you get all the seasons from when it started to this year’s 23rd anniversary season. Survivor is an excellent show to watch if you are looking for a very intense reality show that combines survival with drama and social tension. Be sure to rewatch these top Survivor episodes to see the best of the best.