Disney+ Meddling With Star Wars And The Simpsons

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EPISODE 3: TC and Duane wax philosophical about why Hunters on Amazon turns out to be a KILL on the Binge Kill Chill scale.

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Next up on the show is a discussion about the Hulu Original High Fidelity and why Hollywood can’t make likable characters anymore. Plus, Netflix’s I’m Not Okay With This gets previewed.

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Finally, there’s an epic debate on The Simpsons vs Star Wars vs Marvel Comic Universe in our weekly Binge Kill Chill. Listen to the show to find out which ends up off our Christmas list.

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Binge Kill Chill definitions

The Simpsons vs. Star Wars vs. The Marvel movie universe 4

What would you give the Kill rating to? The Simpsons vs Star Wars vs Marvel Comic Universe? Let us know on the social media links below.